tried this on my main server.....

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........but alas no one hasn't posted on the server forums in almost a week. So what I would like to see if anyone is interested in setting up or helping setting up a lvl 1 naked gnome vs tauren battle royale in Gurubashi (sp?) Arena or perhaps a race from SW to Org and Vice versa with the same (lvl 1 naked gnomes/taurens). Not sure about the rules for the battle royale yet, but, we used to do the race back before wrath hit and all the wrath babies killed the server (not saying all wrath babies are bad.......but still) and the rules were simple.

1. only lvl 1 gnomes or taurens can participate and have to be flagged and be naked.
2. high lvls are only there to protect the participants from critters or other high lvls that think it'd be sport to pick off flagged naked lvl 1's
3. gnomes. race from gates of SW follow the road to redridge down through darkshire, and follow the road all the way down to bootybay. Take the boat to ratchet and race cross country avoiding XR and Farwatch post into durotar and go around Razor Hill through the canyon and up to Org gates (or however brave you are to get as close as possible)
4. Taurens. Race from the front gates or org, through the canyon, through Razor hill, down the old road into barrens, following the road into XR and down to ratchet and take the boat to booty bay and then up STV into Darkshore (avoiding Darkshire of course) into redrige and into elwyn forest bypasssing Goldshire and however close your brave hearts can stomach up to the main gate of SW.
5. If the 2 groups meet up somewhere, then, they can pew pew all they want.

There was never really any "rewards" for first place but bets were usually taken between players. This was more of a fun community thing. If anybody is willing to participate or help set this up feel free to shoot me an ingame mail or posting something here. I won't give out my realid in the forums anymore due to the consequences of doing that last time LOL.
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