Hello, MâjestiC is looking for social people to fill its ranks. We are a Social / Questing guild, that is controlled by a Council, not the GM. We are ok with people that like to raid, but do not center around it, this allows us to be more relaxed. We are a guild that is meant for those who are tired of the fast lane. Those who don't want to be judged based on their Ilvl, but by their personality and kindness.

We are a family friendly guild, and have only 2 rules:
1. Respect the guild
2. Respect the guildies

We are only just starting out, and are in need of council members currently. This doesn't mean you'll get the spot as soon as you ask for it, but the spots are open.

Upon entering the guild you will be sent a welcoming mail from the GM (me). Feel free to respond with any questions you may have, I will answer them all when i get online next.

Come join us! We cannot wait to meet you! And I just know you'll enjoy your stay.

Link to our WoW page below:

Wish to join our guild, mail me in-game and we will set up a date for you to be online so i can add you.
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