Continue with Resto Shaman or no? Need Advice

Hi all, name's Kane. I've played the game for quite a while, always in a tank role for the most part, and sometimes as DPS. This is my first go at a healing character and a healing role, and I'm looking for advice. I want to heal in end-game once I level up, likely a 10-man spot. I'm enjoying my shaman a good amount so far, but I've been reading threads in here and the Shaman forum, and all I've gathered is that Resto Shamans are in a very, very bad place at the current moment. All I see are threads of how our healing throughput and such is towards the bottom of the charts, and that other healing classes that we are even competitive with are getting buffed in 5.3 whilst we are left in the dust--amongst other things.

So in short, I'd like to ask this much more knowledgeable group of forum-goers: is it worth it to spend the time to level a shaman to 90 and get him all geared up as a 10-man raid healer? Or is the current state of resto shaman at the moment so !@#$e I'd be better off leveling a pally or priest if I want a viable end-game slot and good numbers? Hoping for some good feedback to restore my confidence in this dear shaman, so please post your opinions.
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90 Pandaren Shaman
I imagine we'll be getting more buffs in the future. If you like your shaman, you should keep playing him. If you learn to play him well, you'll do just fine. I manage to keep up with my disc priest and holy pally co-healers (even with their cheatin' !@# bubbles, lol).
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90 Draenei Shaman
Unless you're planning to run with really high progression people, don't worry about our situation *too* much.

It's really glaring in 25man, where many high progression shamans seem to be required to do nothing but stack Spirit, because our Mana Tide Totem scales based on the casting shaman's Spirit... and in 25man, where they bring 4-5 healers, that's a *huge* deal.

Stacking nothing but Spirit means their healing #s are "suppressed" because they don't have the throughput stats to boost their heals. Meanwhile, in some situations, resto shamans in 25man stacking Spirit can mean the *other* healers can ditch some of the Spirit they'd otherwise keep on their gear... meaning that those other healers' heals are bigger than they'd be because they can rely on the resto shaman's MTT to balance out their regen.

It's not as glaring in 10man because when you only have one or possibly 2 other healers in the raid, it's not as worthwhile for you to do nothing but stack Spirit (many of us still do it to some extent though).

I don't want to indicate that resto shammies don't have any issues. We do. They're... a problem. But the fact is that those issues just aren't as "prohibitive" at the... uh... average player's raiding level as they are in high progression groups. Are we relatively easily "beaten" on the healing meters by other classes? I do believe so (though it hasn't been my experience in 10man or LFR, for what that's worth, since the 20% buff to Chain Heal & Healing Rain). Does it mean we aren't a good class to heal on? Hell no!

Healing is about more than who's top on the meters. I understand that at higher levels of progression, it can be a different story (because the idea there is that *everyone* is performing near the top of what can be accomplished hps-wise, plus all the things which don't show hps like battle rez, interrupts, Earthbind Totem, Leap of Faith etc... ) but for the great majority of guilds out there - it's not *quite* as big an issue as it is for those top-performing guilds.
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Thanks for the advice :) I'm going to be sticking with it to 90 and beyond, see how it goes. I figure with a good amount of dedication and a want to learn to play my class well, I'll be able to be as competitive as most any other healer I encounter. Shaman is quite fun, so I figure that's a much more important metric than 'how good duz he heal'. Thanks again :)
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90 Goblin Shaman

This will help you along the way. It's geared more towards leveling/returning resto shaman.
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