The Rising Sun Fellowship (H-CC Recruitment)

90 Blood Elf Monk
The Rising Sun Fellowship.

Loyalty. Valor. Honor. Love.


There is a time...

There is always a time.

There was a place...

There will always be places.

For the Glory of the Horde...

Glory and Honor.

When the darkness rises, and when the night lifts away, the sun will always rise again. There is always a new dawn, there is always a new morning. There is always a new life, a new light...

We are the Rising Sun.

They walk in the light, and in the dark, because someone has to...

We fight for a better world for our children, and our people.

There has been pain...

Pain is what makes us stronger.

They have always pulled through...

We always survive.

They stand in the face of hardships that have broken others...

We will stand tall.

They are strangely happy, for ones so many times beaten down...

We remember, we never forget. We forgive, and we move forward.

They are stronger than they seem...

We are the Rising Sun Fellowship.

This is what stood on the parchment that was tacked to the message boards of the major settlements of the Horde. Underneath this little piece of literature is a place where one can meet a representative of the Fellowship, The Wyvern’s Tail Tavern in the Valley of Honor, an odd place for what was once a solely Sin’dorei establishment yet it seemed they had branched out from their humble beginnings into something more than that. The name on the parchment lists a one, Crom Seerseye.



The Rising Sun Fellowship is a guild centered around what one might call ‘hero/good’ organization. In the beginning this group was built around the premise of saving the Sin’dorei and helping to bring the Blood Elves back into prominence, now as the Sin’dorei as a people grow in strength and outrage at how they are treated the Fellowship expands its interest to other members of the Horde, seeking to bolster its ranks and unite the Horde together through the Fellowship’s principles of Loyalty, Valor, Honor and Love.

For those of Elven origin, you can reach out to any of our Elven characters or even go meet with Crom at the Wyvern’s Tail in Orgrimmar. Currently the Fellowship is in the process of having to shift its base of operations as we are currently in the middle of a guild RP arc that helps moves us away from Silvermoon and the evils of CRZ as well as giving us more freedom to branch out to other factions and get rid of the stigma that we are a solely Blood Elf guild.

Not sure if you have a character that would be willing to work for a united Horde and a more peaceful Azeroth? Have no fear! We have a variety of character types within the guild as well as many who aren’t necessarily attached to the guild but work with it for RP. If you want to know please contact me in game (SxLongshadow#1254 is my battle.tag I have no qualms with giving it out so hit me up as I have too many toons to list here hehe). If I am not available hit up any of the other guild members who are in HordeOOC or join us in RisingSunOOC to chat and get to know us!

Some outside resources:

Guild Website:

Rising Sun Journal OOC:

Rising Sun Journal IC:
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As an update since it came up in another post we made. The challenge is not mandatory! It is entirely optional for those seeking to enjoy an RP Ironman challenge. You do not have to do it, many of us have entirely decided against doing it for reasons related to RP!
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77 Blood Elf Priest
I approve this guild and I am available to run dungeons for anyone who wants to join me for rp or leveling!!
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90 Blood Elf Monk
Friendly bump and reminder we are still recruiting! Come and join us OOCly for some fun chats and to learn more about us!
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90 Blood Elf Warrior
While I mostly play Alliance on this server, I have wanted to get back onto the Horde side lately. I briefly RP'd on Wyrmrest Accord a few years ago, but never got too in depth with anything.

If you are still recruiting, I'd love to have a chat. I'm in the HordeOOC channel and Auky#1404 is my battletag. Feel free to add me. :)
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90 Blood Elf Monk
We're always recruiting and looking for new people and to make new friends! I'm sorry, I didn't even realize this silly thing was over here. >_> I'll get into contact with you. Haha

Edit: And as a reminder, feel free to join RisingSunOOC. We're actually usually more lively than HOOC, haha. And it's easier for people to get into contact with us (as opposed to, say, whispering me on a low level character. I have a mod that blocks people...).
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