To Deathwing players

90 Human Priest
Hi Deathwing, my guild is currently looking to server transfer to another realm, we are in the process of trying to decided where to go. I wanted to ask the people of deathwing what their thoughts were of the server.

I'm looking for things like your opinion of the server in general, what PvP is like in the battle group, economy wise and the community as a whole, we'll also be going horde side, Thank you.
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i <3 deathwing! pvp is pretty good, economy is alright.

i hope to see you and ur guild on deathwing! <3
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pvp is pretty good

Yeah for all the 1600 player
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pvp is pretty good

Yeah for all the horde players

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100 Night Elf Druid
DW is pretty dead - even on horde side. I recommend making a level 1 toon and checking out high pop servers:
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100 Blood Elf Paladin
deathwing is faaaar from dead. the economy is doing great, theres plently of people around looking for 2's, trade is decently active. Sure, it's not Area 52 or Illidan, but...its a medium pop server.
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90 Blood Elf Paladin
PVE Wise the server is dead dont expect a lot of pug groups for ToT or other old content, and dont expect to pug a few for your main run. More so on alliance side....alliance side PVE is 90% dead only 4 raiding guilds lol
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100 Night Elf Mage
It's miserable on the Alliance side right now. The population took a major dive in cata and keeps dropping. I've had a character here since day 1, so I'm not gonna completely abandon it, but I had to transfer another mage to Illidan in order to find arena partners. If you're interested in PVP, just go to one of the bigger pop servers : KT, Darkspear, Sargeras, Illidan, Tich, Mal Ganis, Bleeding Hollow etc.

Maybe after the changes in 5.4, deathwing will be a decent place to play again.
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