Hi all -

If you don't already know, I sell Royal Satchels in quantity in Horde Trade. I am looking to establish an ongoing customer base for these, since I am limited to when and how long I can be in Trade advertising, and I'd rather have a group with "work orders" so to speak, than spend my game time spamming the same 30 people in Trade on off-peak times. :)

I sell singles at the higher end of current market, with discounts at increments of four bags. This usually translates into 4.5k/16k or 4k/15k respectively. This usually means a single bag ranges from slightly cheaper to slightly more expensive than the cheapest bag on AH, making the discounted sets a very good deal if you can afford them.

I have the luxury of quantity, so I don't mind somewhat lengthy COD arrangements if you want the bags but need time to get the cash together. I'd rather you buy a set that you pay over time than paying the larger sum for singles at a one-off pace.

If you're interested, reply here or mail/msg me ingame, and we'll talk about details. Everything's negotiable within reason, so don't be hesitant to talk to me about it if you're interested.