<Safe Haven>: A Place of Friendship >^_^<

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<Safe Haven>: A Place of Friendship for those who value it beyond the game. We welcome *all* player genres: PvE, PvP, RP and eventually raiding, regardless of experience (we shall try and halp you :D). No bullying or trolling please, however constructive criticism is more than encouraged (even to the GMs or higher ranks ;)) Our guild is a level 25 guild, we have 7 tabs & Vent.

:) The above is a lil edit of my in-game macro which I thought I might start using to recruit but I guess I haven't really been ready to yet. So if anybody out there reads this and would be interested to join our guild, please whisper me or another guildie in-game for an invite.

Unfortunately we are still working on a website atm but what I can tell you per the above summary is that we are looking for players of any level who are genuinely nice, kind and empathetic people. We all have our problems, real life or WoW, and the guild was created having in mind our guild mission statement: "Treating someone else badly online is still treating them badly :x" ... :3 So if you think you need a safe place to hang out (or even park your toon :)), do your own thing or join and mingle with others, so long as you are happy, that is all that we care about!

We also value constructive criticism if we ever hurt your feelings in any way, even if the higher rank people (hopefully unintentionally) do it, and I think the people we have in-guild atm can definitely be talked to one-on-one re: that or if you'd feel better about it, you can always talk to me instead. The choice is up to you :) Just as a note on this topic, please keep in mind our mission statement and when criticizing someone try to keep their feelings (as well as your own) in mind.

Finally, regarding raiding, there are no real current plans atm, we don't have a system or team established and should we start this it would be very very casual, laid-back, fun before anything else, and possibly starting w/ the lower raids such as MSV, HoF, Terrace and eventually up to ToT :) No hardcore progression raiding as most of us enjoy having fun with our friends versus the pressure of being realm first in general.

*hugs* to all & ty for reading,
~Aura~ :)


p.s. A quote from a friend to me regarding a conversation we had about RPGs that I found relevant to this post about our guild :) "In an RPG, you are but bound by your real life views & judgments regarding right & wrong. Don't be cruel, sadistic, immoral or vengeful, but just about all other actions can be deemed as 'part of the game'. This includes possible poor judgments made in error :3 Errors are free, make all you want, just learn from them. Just remember to leave the virtual 'you' at the door when you return to reality. There are way too many players who can't tell the difference, making RPGs risky for certain people."
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The kindness oozing from this scares me.
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The kindness oozing from this scares me.

To Åzrael Axxo Greasyseat Hecatè Nemain Oilstain Räzor Skidrow Sprøcket,
This guild is meant for kindness and friendship; trolls will not be tolderated. Period.

BUMP for support of FRIENDSHIP~~
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