To those small raid guild GMs out there.

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Greetings, denizens of Arygos.

First off, to all prospective trolls, I just want you to know I foresee that I will totally value your opinion. Totally.


I’ve had an idea, one I think could benefit a lot of smaller guilds residing on this (not so) wonderful server. Maybe this is something that’s been tried before, but as of now I don’t know of any precedent. I know for myself, mostly during the summer months, I have to deal with the frustration of having raiders miss raids, due to vacation, mandatory work events, etc. It’s not their fault and I certainly am not angry with them when this happens, just the situation itself frustrates me, because it means pugging, since I don’t keep bench warmers for raids. This also goes for that small lull during a time you might be recruiting to fill recently vacant spots. Pugging is very time consuming and it’s a gamble if it’s going to work out or not. Tell me, how many of you GMs out there suffer the same issue?

Well, for those of you that do, I think I’ve come up with a possible solution. I want to create a network for guilds that are similar to mine, one with a core group of raiders that raid on a regular basis and have the occasional situation of needing to fill a spot or two for a night or a lockout’s worth of raids.

If this sounds like it could potentially be a worthwhile arrangement for you GMs out there, I think we should have a chat. There would of course be a bit of work involved and I do have plenty of ideas to share, but I would prefer conferring with a few interested parties before trying to get any ground rules established, and any other little details.

So, GMs, if this sounds like this could be a relief to your stress filling that occasional spots in raids, let’s talk. You’ll mostly find me on my main Fortify here, but you can also feel free to add my battletag, Fortify#1477.
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tl;dr (not to be rude. it's 3 am, I'm watching scarface, I'm tired).

how long exactly have you been on arygos?
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I'm a GM of a small guild that has a 10 player roster that only raids 6 hours a week (every hour of raiding is very precious and we can't waste time looking for pugs). In my experience the best way to deal with the issue of players missing, is to:
A) Have your raiders alert you asap that they will miss.
B) Have a good reputation on your server.

Usually when I go to pug a player its fairly easy in fact, I have great players on the server who want to come to my raids because they know the loot system is fair and we will clear content effectively. Too many small guilds don't interact with other players on the server and thus hurt themselves by only having a small pool of raid level players to recruit from. If you spend some time to get to know the PvPers and other PvErs on the server you'll have a much faster and smoother experience when you need to pug. Also, I cannot stress enough that your loot should almost never be reserved for your raiders while pugging. by giving pugs a fair share at loot they want to come back to your raids and if they do they'll be better geared. :^)

-Doga Darkstone
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Dawny, you're out of your element!
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