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90 Worgen Druid

So yeah...my guild poofed out from under us so I am looking for a new one.

I prefer a guild that is RP oriented though I do like to run dungeons and I am more then happy helping others level. I Mine and Skin and more then willing to help fill a bank vault with goods to sell. Have a bunch of lower level chars that need armor? I am greatly amused on occasion to run lower level dungeons for greens. ^.^ Need a dailies buddy because otherwise stabbing yourself in an eye with a hot poker sounds much more fun? Good because since I have found myself guildless...Dailies are a lot less fun -.-

Now I am not on daily...if I am on daily it is most likely on my days off and so it wont usually be for hours upon hours on end unless my son is off doin something other then begging me for my car. x.x So a more laid back activity requirement would be appreciated and though I prefer and love RP...no RP !@#$ guilds please. xD

Me? I'm 31 and work a 40 hour week in a call center so I would also like a guild that has mostly adults. Just because Y'all tend to understand a 40 hour week. <3 I have a 15 y/o who goes to karate, so on days I am online I tend to poof when he needs to go to class or when he has some other such fun thing to do.

Also I am East Coast if it matters to anyone at all. ^.^

So...I really hope this doesn't sound to picky considering what I personally have to offer, I swear it's not intended that way. x.x

Thanks for reading this mess of a request for guild info! <3
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My guild doesn't recruit, but I can point you to a resource that may help you find a new virtual home. Feathermap.net was made by long time FM players. It's one part facebook one part forum, 100% awesome. IF you go there and post, you may find a guild quick.

the Riders do RP night on tuesday (and we have a lot of east coasters). The rose is also big on RP and they have LOTS going on. The Boomsticks go drinking wednesdays.

Now, this song has nothing to do with the post OTHER than I was listening to it when I first read the post.

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90 Worgen Druid
Hey there! Thanks for the heads up, I will totes check that out. The Boomsticks...Why do I want to join that guild...just for the name alone?? XD

And...interesting song :)
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90 Human Paladin
Hi Katlianne,

Our guild is always looking for good people.

Damage Incorporated has been on Feathermoon since 2006. We are very active and form groups for questing, dungeons, personal & guild achievements, along with 10 man raiding and some PvP for a change of pace (no RP). We have plenty of guild activities scheduled during the week and they are all optional.

Our main goal is to find players that are mature, friendly and fun to be around. We are a close knit guild containing a great group of players with a very low tolerance for drama and expect every applicant to be like minded. For more information about our guild, you can look around our website, or contact one of our officers.

Here is our website address, diguild.wowstead.com

Check the site out if you wish and feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

Good luck on your search!

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