<The Unbound> is currently seeking raid ready members to fill out 3 different 10 man raiding teams. following are the days, times and needs for each group:

Tue/Wed group is from 9-12 and in need of 1 healer and 1 dps.

Thu/Fri group is from 10-1 and needs 2 tanks, 2 healers and 4 dps.

Sat/Sun group is from 9-12 and needs 1 tank, 1 healer and 1 dps.

All times are in the pm and are server times.

We will welcome mains or alts as long as they are ready for raid and you know the class well enough to function in a raid environment. All new raiders are asked to commit to both nights and times that they are invited into the guild for. If you have multiple characters that you are interested in raiding with and would like to commit to another spot in another group please let me know.

All interested parties please contact me in whisper or with in-game mail. If im raiding please use the in-game method.