How is Alliance?

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I've never spent more than 5 minutes on the Alliance side of this server and was curious: how is it? I know you guys out number us (Horde) significantly but is it really better over there having more people?

Horde's Problems:
1) Auction House is unstable
Prices for Item A one day may be 250g, 500g the next and 45g the next. This ranges across all markets on Horde as I sell in nearly all of them. Is there any stability on the Alliance side of things or is this just how the Auction House goes...?

2) Inactivity
That says it all. There's rarely anything going on. God forbid someone want to take down a world boss. Better start planning it 2 hours before you're ready to kill...

3) More trolls than players
It would seem Horde has more players interested in trolling other players than actually attempting to clear content. The A-hole level is through the roof. And I understand this is going to be a problem everywhere but there seems to be a lack of real players to balance them out...

4) Lack of true guild variety
We either have one extreme or the other: Really good guilds* or terrible guilds. No true casual raiding guilds seem to exist (A guild who doesn't do the strict scheduling of hard core raiding but when it chooses, can actually kill a few bosses without wiping on entry level trash pulls.) It's either hard core or no core.

*Who are we kidding. Horde's talented players have either faction changed or server transferred.

So, is the grass greener on the other side or is it just a mirage? Money's about to be spent on moving somewhere, either factions or servers. Any helpful info from the leagues of WW alliance players out there?

Thanks for your input
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Here is a synopsis of the alliance side of Whisperwind:

Some are predicting that the big new unannounced feature of the expansion will be the fall of the barriers between the two factions. Who knows?
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