Hit and Expertise

100 Pandaren Monk
As of right now, there is simply too much Hit, and Expertise on gear.

I purpose, in 5.3 and forward. Allowing us to reforge all, or at least more than 40% on Hit/Expertise stats for gear.
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100 Pandaren Warrior
You have hit/exp in your gems, have hit/exp trinkets and are still reforged INTO expertise?

What's the problem?
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100 Blood Elf Warlock
or can we just get rid of both of those (hit is to hit, expertise is to prevent dodge/parry) and combine them into something we, call it "Strike", or something.
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90 Goblin Hunter
Having a hit or expertise trinket as your baseline secondary stat does seem to make it nearly impossible to not go way over the cap. Can't wait until next tier when you might see a trinket with 2k hit, putting you almost to the cap by itself.
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90 Pandaren Monk
You have hit/exp in your gems, have hit/exp trinkets and are still reforged INTO expertise?

It looks like they're going for the tank exp cap at 15%, the fact that they have crit/stam and haste/stam gems (which you ignored) makes this more likely. The problem is for dps, especially the agi ones, where there's more on gear than can be reforged out of. It's a legitimate complaint, their armory just wasn't set up to show you that.
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90 Night Elf Priest
It's such that at the higher ends of gearing, one can gem pure stats that assist in raw power rather than worrying about such trivial things. You're supposed to be happy, not grumpy.
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