I would like to warn the proud players of Caelestrasz of this imminent little scammer. This is primarily a horde warning.

There is currently a player going around who is attempting to charge players [guilds] 20,000g for an enjin website to be made for them. Now I've seen this before, and Enjin is a free service that takes 30 seconds to make for yourself. Therefore, 30 seconds of work for 20,000g implies that you are a complete idiot.
He also offers a 1000 slot ventrilo server included in the package. This is not plausable, nor is it possible. A server that size would cost about 5000-6000USD a month.

His name is Compg. I do have screenshots.


Keep weary, I've seen him scam a few before. Will also be reporting the little kid for giggles.

I have also submitted a ticket to blizzard because this technically is real world trading. This kid annoys me so he can go down.