The journey of a life in a life time.

Once upon a time there lived an angry young boy who just wanted to have fun and enjoy life the best he could. But he was angry all the time. There was no person in particular that upset him so much. There was no cause for his rise when his parents got on him about the way he was living. He was just the way he was with no explanation.

One day this young boy became a young man. Still angry and disgruntled at the world for no real particular reason. He never realized it. He didn't know when it happened. One day he was just an adult and suddenly it hit him. Like a computer program becoming self aware, this young man opened his eyes one morning for the first time feeling pain and... a 'new' type of anger. It was anger toward himself. Disgust for what he was and a longing to be a better man. He looked around and felt deep pain for all the discomfort he caused the people the loved. people he loved without even knowing he loved them--without knowing what love was. For the first time in his life he knew what love meant and what he wanted for those he loved. He wanted change, he wanted to be different, he wanted to be angry no-more.

He took a walk outside breathing in the air feeling this new-found sense of self. Each breath filling his lungs like a rush of fulfillment. Such great pleasure from breathing in that air like a man dying of dehydration taking that first gulp of clean cool water. The pleasure of it all filled his body and he stood still in the middle of the empty road with his eyes shut, face towards the sky, and arms out as he soaked it all in; life, love, and a new-found meaning of happiness.

It was exhilarating. He no longer felt the anger that absorbed his joy of every day. He forgave every wrong done against him and realized what he could do for the ones he loved. He left that street and never returned. He went home and sat down on his couch staring at nothing, thinking of everything. He smiled one last time as he closed his eyes for an afternoon nap--and never opened them again.

There was a note on the table in his kitchen. A list of all the things he wanted to do, all the ones he wanted to make up to. All the joys he wanted to experience and every detail of what he was feeling and how he wanted to keep them.

Sometimes life turns out... different. Not like the way we want it to. Sometimes he wish for things to happen or not to happen and we hope the people we love are safe. Sometimes people are lucky and win the lottery while other times people are unlucky and play their whole life to win nothing but a free cup of coffee.

And sometimes life is cruel. Sometimes life has a way of showing you everything you want out of it and everything you want to gain. You find peace and happiness in ways that god himself couldn't explain. Sometimes you live your whole life as nothing - only to wake up on your last day alive feeling complete bliss and losing that feeling forever. Sometimes the person you love the most realizes how much they love you too late and you never get the chance to mend a broken heart. Sometimes we die alone with a heart full of hope for the next day and all the things we want to accomplish. Sometimes, that day never comes.

Never squander wisdom when it's freely given. There is too much hate and anger in every day life. Get rid of yours while you have the chance and learn to live a happy fulfilled life. Be sure to mend all your broken fences and be grateful for the opportunity; because you never know when you'll never wake up again.
-Much love, Me; Dreamer, Gastranomick, and other Aliases. <3
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