Shadow Priest or Destro Warlock?

90 Human Priest
As of right now what class seems to be doing most dps in 5 mans and raids? Been away for a little while and was just curious to what class seems to be topping on the charts.
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90 Dwarf Warlock
On this guy, it's pretty hard for me to not top the meter in 5-mans (unless there is an equally geared DK in the group) and I can usually stay in the top 5-6 in LFR.

My Priest isn't doing so hot in LFRs. I'm normally sitting at 8 or 9 on meter and I've been as low as 13 on some of the movement heavy fights. Some of that may be that I'm not playing him optimally because I struggle a lot with multi-dotting and keeping focused on the main target. He's also not as well geared as my lock (ilvl 488 vs 500).

Overall, gear and skill disparity-between both of my toons and other players'- makes this anecdotal evidence mostly irrelevant. I'm positive an equally geared, welled played Spriest could kick my butt in DPS against my Warlock just like I can beat a scrub playing a DK poorly.

As a direct answer to your question, my understanding is that Destro is well ahead of all Warlock specs and Spriest, until you get your tier 15 gear, at which point Destro drops a lot and is barely edged out by Spriest. Which, of course, means very little in reality because none of the current raid bosses are patchwerk style and nobody's perfect.

In short, as usual, the answer to these types of questions is: play what you like most because things can change at any moment.
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100 Human Priest
Spirest are really good if you play them well.

Insanity hits like a mack truck. Remember you can cast mind fly when DP is on its very last second and get another full cast of Insanity
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67 Orc Shaman
Neither of these are a class.....they are a specialization. Why limit yourself to one? I say go warlock because if destro happens to fall have demo and of which is bound to be top tier.

If shadow sucks....well then hope you enjoy healing.
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