Prot Pally Tank in need of advice

90 Blood Elf Paladin
So i haven't tanked on a paladin since wrath and i made a new one come mists and i feel maybe as if i may be playing/building them wrong as they have changed so much. Here is a run down of what i'm doing and a link to my gear any help would be greatly appreciated, Thanks!

armory link-

Is there something i did with my gemming/reforging that is causing me to take on so much damage. I reforged as little to hit/expertise for the soft cap as possible while reforging other stats to parry/dodge/mastery.

For damage mitigation cds i balance them between divine protection, hand of purity, guardian, ardent defender and keeping ss up and using a trinket cd when up. I use my shield of righteous with a full holy power bar whenever its up to get that 50% melee damage reduction but i still feel soft.

And then this could all be because of my gear as its only lfr for the momment and will balance out over time with normal mode pieces i'm not sure, i just don't want healers stressing to keep my health in the safe zone.
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90 Blood Elf Paladin
Reforging into parry and dodge, not being hit or expertise capped means you're generating less holy power.

You shouldn't be waiting for full HP to use ShoR. Try to time it with boss swings or just use it as soon as you have 3, you want that buff up as much as possible... it's the most significant thing you can do to lower your damage taken.

And you don't have battle healer glyphed.. what seal are you using?
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90 Blood Elf Paladin
Yeah, i said it wrong above, when i have my 3 holy power(full top bar) i soth and use one after another when they're up hoping to mitigate incoming damage. My Expertise is currently 4.33% and hit is 5.39% from what you said above should i fix my reforge to become expertise/hit capped.

For my seal i'm using Insight to help out with heals on myself.
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90 Tauren Paladin
04/25/2013 05:41 PMPosted by Ênigma
I reforged as little to hit/expertise for the soft cap as possible while reforging other stats to parry/dodge/mastery.

Gear-wise, this is the crux of your problem. You have no clear focus in your reforging/enchanting.

The most important thing you need to know is that avoidance is undesirable. There's a good chance that the reason you're feeling "soft" is because you're relying on an unpredictable defensive mechanism that has a high chance to fail.

Now, I said your gear lacks focus, so let me explain. The first, most obvious issue is that the hit cap is 7.5% and the expertise cap is 15%--both of which Prot wants to reach--and you're way below both. The second is that you're reforging willy-nilly, into hit and out of hit, into avoidance and out of avoidance, etc. You need to focus on reaching the hit cap, then the expertise cap, then pick one stat and focus on it.

Generally, this one stat is either haste or mastery. Both of these are strong defensively, but more importantly totally predictable. As long as you're hit and expertise capped, they'll never randomly fail you.

With all that said, I'm seeing some clues that you may be playing poorly as well, so I think you should read through the Prot guide and see if there's any mistakes in your playstyle you can fix.
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90 Blood Elf Paladin
Thanks Keten! i'll take your advice and put it to work. Its crazy how much prot paladins have changed since i last played them in icc i feel as if i know nothing about them until now. I'll work on my reforging avoidance to expertise/hit to get caped and then worry about a specific avoidance to focus on. Hopefully with these changes i will be able to play more comfortably and enjoy the class more.
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90 Draenei Paladin

You shouldn't be waiting for full HP to use ShoR. Try to time it with boss swings or just use it as soon as you have 3, you want that buff up as much as possible... it's the most significant thing you can do to lower your damage taken.

Mashing ShoR the moment you get 3 HP is the worst thing you can do, play-style wise. It makes much more sense to hold back until you get 5 HP if you are just dealing with regular damage, that way you still have a reserve of Holy Power at all time to react with. If you dip low, you can use a big Word of Glory to heal yourself. If there's a large physical damage period, you use that HP reserve you're sitting on to chain a couple ShoR's in a row.

It's also just a really important habit to be watching your health bar and boss abilities when you're using Holy Power. Basically, press Shield of the Righteous either a) When you need it, or b) When you're about to overcap Holy Power.
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90 Orc Death Knight
At low levels of gear getting some level of stamina is probably not a bad idea, this can mostly come from a stamina trinket. This is what out prot paladin did until his iLvL raised.

Stat priority wise you should be looking for expertise hard cap, hit cap and then massing haste. Mastery is really good too, but haste is better. Mastery will just come with gear. DPS trinkets are really strong and commonly run.

Aside from the expertise hard cap your stat priority is almost exactly the same as a ret paladin, and as such off-set plate is extremely attractive for prot paladins. Haste/Mastery pieces are yummy as is anything loaded with expertise/hit. Enchants should be more tanking oriented, which is mainly the difference between ret/prot.

As far as playing prot goes it's all about active mitigation. The reason you mass haste is because it gives you more holy power, and the reason you get hit/expertise cap is so that you have reliable generation. The strength of prot paladin is the ability to get fast resources, turn them in ShoR on demand and generally protect yourself against predictable sources of burst damage. Considering most bosses have been constructed with large hits that come in semi-frequent intervals.. ShoR lines up perfectly to curb damage in this fashion.

Generally you'll want to generate HoPo and use it on ShoR. You don't want to use it as soon as you get 3 but you also don't want to waste HoPo by going over 5. Bank it and use it on predictable burst and always use it if you're going to waste HoPo.

You'll generally be using the majority of your HoPo for ShoR. WoG is nice for magic damage or for spotting somebody in your raid, but you generally shouldn't be using it during physical damage. Prolonged physical damage periods can easily be met with a high haste setup, which will allow ShoR to be up a lot. Holy avenger effectively is a 18 second 2 min CD shield wall against physical and is extremely powerful.

Almost always run with insight glyph and always have battle healer. You will produce a lot of threat from the healing and on some encounters will heal nearly as much as a healer.
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