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05/05/2013 12:16 PMPosted by Azheira
Something occurred yesterday evening that brought another question to mind. Have any of you ever done something in character that you later realized is not something your character would do?

We all get flustered and do things out of character. The question is how does your character address that realization? Does it conflict with her image of herself and therefore she changes or does she resolve to never let it happen again and goes into training?

Also, my gear is awful right now in terms of how it looks. It's rather a mishmash, hodgepodge mess. How on earth do I find awesome transmog gear at this low level? Since I am new to the server my characters don't have a lot of gold to spend on the AH. What do the rest of you do? I will admit to considering transferring a character from my other server over here with some gold.

So the question is what do you want? Most of us go on transmog runs for the gear. And while it is hard to solo at your level you could level cap yourself to run certain dungeons repeatedly or... you could ask people for assistance on runs that are doing similar runs. We do runs on Thursdays usually so I can invite you along when you're on. Or you can just see what I'm up to and we can do some around your level. Check for some sets.
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I tend not to focus too much on RP gear at lower levels, simply because there ISN'T a lot of easy options. As I'm levelling, I'll think about what I want the character to look like, what their combat attire would be like, what sort of weapons they'd use, and look for the best match, and what I can realistically get.

This CAN come back to bite you sometimes though, when your imagination leads to descriptions that really CAN'T be filled with available gear, a semi-frequent occurrance with an imagination like mine. My elven paladin suffers from this, as the look I want isn't really in-game. There's gear that I've decided would be "close enough" (if a mild pain to acquire), but it's off enough that it still bugs me.

Some characters though, you just end up finding a look that just... clicks. To the point where you just can't imagine them in anything else; my mage is a case of this. Happened accidentally; all the prominent pieces in his appearance were items I actually used during either BC raiding or Wrath levelling. But the look became so iconic that to change it now would be an absolute crime, and it just wouldn't feel like him anymore.
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It's been so long since I asked a silly question, I bet you all thought you had gotten rid of me.

Blizzard's recent sale on character changes has got me thinking. (Scary thought, that). Have any of you ever changed your character's race and actually role played out the process? Or done the same with a name change? I'm not considering any of this for myself (even though I'm not thrilled with the name I picked for this character - I've decided I will keep it). I'm just curious how that would work.
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