Hello friends.

Hello friends! I'm thinking of coming over to your server(As alliance) and I was just wondering what's the community over here like? How's pvp? Is the raiding any good? Thanks advance :)
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90 Human Paladin
((We see this question a lot--and I do mean a lot--and there is no other way to reasonably answer your question except with the unvarnished truth.

Emerald Dream is so f'king awesome you will literally crap yourself.

No lie. I have to play pantless now on a plastic seat. This server is THAT awesome: all the time, everyday, 365.))
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90 Night Elf Druid
I been in this server for over 6 years and I still love this server. you will enjoy it and you will enjoy the PvP. . we have alot of WPvP aswell. . I could not tell you about the raiding as I do not raid only In LFR. . if your looking to raid I can tell you to try Kingship Of the East I belive they still raid alot. af for PvP there are couple of guilds you can join. Warbringer being one. Clan battle hammer an all Dwarf guild as another.

Over all yes this is an awesome server you will enjoy it. and as too the whole having to play pantless. . that is also true unless you can control yourself from crapping on yourself. . . . LoL
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90 Gnome Priest

They do not lie, this is literally one of the best servers in the game
HOWEVER... If you cannot truthfully answer yes to the following questions, this server will be miserable for you:

1) Do you enjoy WPvP? Like...A LOT of WPvP?
2) Do you enjoy (or at least have respect for) RP and players who RP
3) Do you plan on engaging in one or both of the above?

If you answer no to any of these questions. This server is not for you. If you answer yes, we welcome you with open arms.
We used to have a flowchart for this around here somewhere....

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90 Draenei Paladin

That link, when you go to it. You will see that Emerald Dream is rank 60 of 245 servers in the US. We are not only one of the top servers, We are one of the most balanced according to the census shown. And the census is the closest you should find. Of all the rp realms we rank Number 1 in both population and balance. You will find the top Pvpers and Pvers if you are trying to keep within the rp boundaries. Trust me, this should be your home.

If blizzard were to combine all the rp and rppvp servers together. It would be known....as Emerald Dream.
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