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100 Blood Elf Rogue
We are in need of reliable people to fill some gaps in our raiding roster... a main healer, a backup tank... maybe a full-time mage, but not much more.

We raid Monday, Wednesday & Friday from 9pm to 12am server time.

Check us out on http://exiles.shivtr.com/

We are a fun filled group of adults with lives outside of wow. Children need not apply.
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100 Goblin Hunter
Bumpies! <3
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90 Pandaren Monk
Hello All, come check us out at http://exiles.shivtr.com/
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90 Goblin Death Knight

This guild was apart of the mentoring program giving by Blizzard to provide help for old and new players within the new expansions but was anything but helpful. Here are some of what to expect when joining this guild:

When asking a question via guild chat you will get the sound of crickets < chirp chirp > no reply back = NOT helpful
(BTW the officers like to hide behide their alts so they dont have to respond to new members)

They dont offer guild repairs unless you're and GM or high up in their ranks = NOT helpful
(High up as in GM as stated or RLF but at least your contributing gold for their repairs when leveling...ppffft WTF?!?)

None of the "Chosen Few" (core raiders) will give you the common courtesy to join them on transmorg runs such as Naxx, ICC.... hell even getting into a raid with them is impossible as they only invite who they see fit (core 10 man) = they are established and need no one else.

They use Mumble and provide no information on how to get into their chat or will help you set it up if you have never used it before for those of you being use to Vent as the alternative.

MOVE ON and go about your goal to find a TRUELY helpful guild....cause this one could care less when new members join.
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90 Goblin Warrior
We were part of the Guild Mentor Program and were badly burned by G-Bank looters and trolls. Obviously, you must be one of them and are bitter because we clued into it before you had a chance to rob us blind. We and many other guilds were all in the same boat when it came to the Guild Mentor Program. The program was intended to teach new players - but the new players were on trial accounts, which are not eligible to join a guild until they actually pay for their subscription. We took the time to teach those poor souls how to reach us through tells, as they could not partake in gchat. Blizzard asked us to provide feedback in the form of a private forum. We all provided walls of text on how the program did and did not work, which never received any action on Blizzard's part. So forgive us for trying a program that clearly Blizzard didn't think all the way through before implementing and those who were not truly new to the game to exploit, but at least we tried.

I'd like to address and counter each one of your points:

First, our officers never "hid" behind alts. In the roster, under notes, you would have found the name of everyone's main character. One simple click and you would have found it. Secondly, recruits hardly asked any questions in guild chat because they were asking them in private tells and our forums. Before the program started, every Exile member put their time and effort into building a database of information for every class and spec. They put together resource lists for every profession, build, guide, etc. and made them available to every recruit who wanted access. The access to the website, along with free gold and bags were provided to every new recruit. Please forgive us for saving our guild bank gold for those new comers over repairing your gear.

Our "chosen few", as you call them, raid 3 days a week and usually spend the majority of their time grinding gear in preparation. However, on Tuesdays, Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays, we all set aside time and scheduled events for those who wanted to join us. Someone wanting transmogs or even knew about Naxx and ICC, is obviously not a new player to WoW. Again, the program was to teach new players how to play... not to give seasoned players raid loot to take back to the guild they actually intend to raid with.

We do use Mumble and the access to which is clearly stated in our Information tab, and on our website. Again, a couple of clicks and you would have found it.

For someone such as yourself - yes, please move on! We don't need this type of person in Exile. However, if you are an adult with RL obligations and is serious about being part of a guild that has been together for 7 years and considers each member, current or past, as a close family member... then Exile is the perfect guild for you.

We have a solid 10-man raiding team... although sadly we just lost 2 of our raiders to divorce. We would like to get back into 25s again as we haven't seen them since ICC, so please come check us out! Children need not apply!
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100 Blood Elf Rogue
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100 Goblin Shaman
Hey, this guild is legit. All business on raid nights, kill bosses, loot gear, rinse repeat... Try em out and decide for yourself.
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100 Goblin Shaman
What is a level 90 toon doing in the mentor program? Troll methinks...
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