I'm coming back. need guild/friends

90 Dwarf Shaman
But I don't see a lot of familiar faces.

I'm here for the PvP. 2v2 and WPvP preferably.

Ill need to catch up on gear. Let me be straight forward about my proposition.. I'll play Resto if there are any DPS willing to be the most feared (and probably hated) duo on the server. If you can really go pound for pound, lets talk.

I do ...dabble... in Enhancement. Anyone who remembers me probably associates me with that. I mainly just want to get back to my roots though.

I also look good Orc.
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90 Orc Warlock
dont make any drastic moves, be on latter today or wait and i'll catch you somehow
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90 Human Paladin
Welcome back! VeCo missed it's Lebron, I'm sure.

If you're looking for a pvp focused guild, I'd suggest Emberstone Company or Bloodline. KoD does pvp but we're more focused on wpvp and RP. As for twos, I'd be glad to help you get your cap if you need a hand. If its wpvp you're interested in, we've got some things in the works... hit me up though if you just want to go randomly make life hell for Hordies. I'm always down for a fight.

Once you get your full malevolent set, you're welcome to join us on our weekend RBG runs. KoD runs with Emberstone Company and... well, whoever we can get, really. We're not in it for ratings, but we're doing fairly decent regardless! Managed to get a 1350 rating last night myself. It's not much, but pretty good considering we're just in it for the cap :)
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90 Tauren Death Knight
You're still missing a tooth as I recall. Shave that beard and put on a true form of green and let us hunt.
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90 Dwarf Shaman
Thanks for all the quick responses.

@Kurgk - I'll be on in the evening today, either on this toon or my Monk - Knen. Both Alliance. If you wanna chit chat about anything, just message or mail me. Resto/Aff is still a thing, I'm sure.

@Aedinus - Thanks for the info. I mention 2v2 specifically, because I'm looking for someone on-server that I can do more than just cap points with. Most of my actual IRL friends have quit the game completely, or they play on crappy PvE servers or something. I'm looking to build a bromance with someone that will translate to WPvP pinging and the like. Longevity builds synergy.

@Chaoseater - I still have my Blacktooth Grin t-shirt somewhere lol. That's some old school stuff. I probably wouldn't recognize anyone in the guild anymore, but I do like active nature that guild has always had. Always up to something.
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90 Worgen Hunter
as aed said we do pvp in emberstone and have some members who do 2s for more then cap, I being one of them mostly do 3s I am sure we can work out a team for you and run 2s when ever you want then ping all the horde cites
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85 Human Monk
Got on briefly last night. Having a lot more fun playing MW Monk, so it may be a little longer than I hoped getting ready to jump back into the fray at 90.
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