SV a casual raiding guild, is seeking an off-tank for our main 10 man team !!
we raid Tuesdays / Thursdays / Saturdays at 5:30 server and usually go for 2-2:30 hrs

now, we are a bunch of friends, we chat in raidcall, and have fun, we like to joke around, but when it comes time to down the boss , its /gamefaceON and down it goes

we're not just seeking a tank though, even if your new to velen, or new to WOW your more then welcome to join our guild, we got some wow-vets who will be more then happy to explain how to get geared /leveled/ or simply how to make a few extra gold with some simple tips and tricks.
if you'd like to join us simply message choker / ophiri / danted in game via whisper or mail, and we'll reply soon as we are able.

have fun !