Modesty had a solid group for 10 man but do to unexpected real life issues lost some key players. WE had a late start on content with a guild server transfer but soon were flying through the content. We have presently cleared MV, HoF and only Sha left in Toes. Scheduled to start ToT this week (have already cleared the first boss) and hit it head on. Looking to recruit rdps (prefer hunter or elem shammy), mdps (plate wearer) and a non priest healer. Any dps/healer willing to join our ranks and work so we get back as a solid guild welcome. You can leave a msg with the post. You can also contact Angelium (our main healer), Zayao (one of our MT) or Immortall (kickass mage). Also lower levels are welcome. WE have many lower level alts. Thank you for taking the time to view this post. Raids scheduled Monday, Tuesday and Thursday 10:15pm - 12:30am est.
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