HPala PvP Help Please

Okay I'm getting no love from the Paladin forums, so I'll try posting here.
Hey guys, I'm quickly leveling this guy to 90 and wanting to do holy RBG's. few quick questions.
1.) I am torn in talent tier for level 45. Eternal flame, selfless healer or SS. What I have seen most of is Eternal Flame. I don't feel like it offers much like the other 2 do but of course in probably wrong. Your guys thoughts?
2.) When getting a Divine Insight proc what do you guys typically use it on? I've been using it on holy light if someone isn't in need of a huge heal because of managing my mana. I've heard hpalas never even use holy light in rated play. What's the correct answer?
3.) If getting trained by a melee, say a dk or warrior, is it worth casting denounce on them for the short crit debuff or is the cast time and potential lock out too risky and stupid?

Thanks for all replies! :)
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90 Tauren Paladin
Hi Wrecked!

I haven't done any RBGs yet, but I have been doing regular BGs to farm up my gear.

1. I am definitely team EF. I personally have never used Selfless healer. As far as SS vs EF, SS can only be placed on one target at a time. EF can be rolled across multiple people and has the added benefit of each tick procing Illuminated Healing so it is both healing and putting an absorb on any target you place it on for the full duration. In addition, all of those ticking EFs transfer to your Beacon target. Overall (imo) it is a much stronger option than the other two.

2. I am assuming you are talking about Infusion of Light? If I am in a team battle where lots of people are taking damage I will try and sneak in a HR, but most times I will use a DL on someone who needs it or (if everyone is sitting pretty good) I'll use it on my Beacon Target for extra HPower.

3. I personally wouldn't risk it.
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