Hi, I have a small guild, Dark Knight Consortium; it's my alts and some inactive RL friends. I'd like to push Lvl 25 a lil quicker...

and we all know Winterhoof is dead.

So, I need some mercs to help ;> And how am I paying you for joining a small guild on a dead server?

2 ways:
1st - For the toon that earns the MOST lifetime guild activity points between now and September 1st will win a High Society Top Hat (my alts and RL freinds are excluded); you must be exalted with the guild to win
2nd - For any toon that earns Exalted with us, I will craft you a Jeweler's Amber Monocle

I can't promise you a great guild experience, as I mostly solo, but hopefully we get some honorable and fun folk to play with...
because I will boot somebody for causing drama, or flaming, or trolling, etc etc...

Guild repairs will most likely be taken down to 1gp/day or thereabouts, so this offer is better for low level alts; however, I may raise it depending on cash flow
However, i have no problem kicking back gold from guild challenge runs to the group leader (to distubute as he chooses), just get with me beforehand.
Sorry, the bank is closed as I have AH wares stuffed in there; I'll try to clear a tab for guild uses ASAP.

If you're interested, find us on guild finder or look for the Dark Knight Consortium label.
Any guild member can invite, so if you see a member, go ahead and ask...OTOH, it's probably me anyway ;>