Screams of the Past

100 Human Paladin
I know many of you are vets from classic like me, and many of you I'm sure miss the good old days. Personally I try to resurrect that feeling by twinking and what not but its never enough. I attempted a classic guild but its hard to do on Ysondre do to... low population.

Let me cut to the chase, I have discovered a guild on the Server Draka. Screams of the Past, a fitting name because they are a level 60 only classic raiding guild. The raid Mondays and Wednesday At 6 Server. I believe they are a west coast so do the math. They Have their own website, vent, raiding system the whole 9 yards. If you are interested I motivate you to make a character over there and try it out. Its more of a fun hobby, something to do rather then sit in SW.
They only have a few requirements.
-Only Level 60's allowed
-No new class's such as Monk or Deathknight
-All Gear and Enchants must be from classic only, NO exceptions
-You must register your character on their website @
Any other rules you can look up on their website, they are strict on how they do things so please read it if you are interested.
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90 Blood Elf Mage
I love the idea behind this, but a level 60 character, wearing entry-level Tier 1 raiding blues, is literally four or five times as strong as a Classic raiding character. You can 10m AQ40 in Classic gear with ease.

The rumored "everything can be Challenge Moded" system will probably be more accurate than raiding at-level nowadays - and won't require you to reroll besides.

Best of luck to them. I have a Death Knight locked at 80 myself, since WoTLK is the best period of raiding ever.
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100 Human Paladin
It's 60% Nostalgia. I've done it and it is a lot of fun, I see it more as a side entertainment thing when people are not focusing on their 90's. Yes you can get better gear then say teir 2 BWL gear but its the idea of being back in classic where BC was never introduced.
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