[Titan Runestone] Drops

100 Gnome Mage
0 this week, so 1 in the past 3 weeks.
90 Worgen Druid
Got my first off H-Durumu last night . . . . .
90 Worgen Warlock
I got like 19 within 3 lockouts and then they just stopped....
90 Worgen Druid
I got like 19 within 3 lockouts and then they just stopped....

The thread is about Titan Runestones. Not Secrets.
90 Worgen Warlock
Got my first one last night on Primordeus.

So right now, I have 1 on 9 bosses so far.
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100 Dwarf Priest
6/12 and I still have the third wing of LFR to do this week.
100 Orc Death Knight
My luck stopped after my post, not posting again!
90 Troll Druid

But then again, we're doing back half tonight, so ... here's hoping.

My luck stopped after my post, not posting again!

LOL. I blame Lobster.
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90 Blood Elf Paladin
I got 3 this week. I don't know if I should be happy or very scared. 4 total.
90 Troll Druid
Update: two runestones tonight
90 Pandaren Monk
still sitting at the 2 I got from my first week, havent seen any since
100 Worgen Warlock

Was 1/12 last week (got one from iron qon last week after getting meta). Got 5 this week all from pre-raid LFR runs (every boss that can drop them except primordius)
90 Tauren Druid
05/01/2013 01:35 PMPosted by Arnblas
Sadly I forgot to go back the first week and kill bosses 7-9 (I got my meta gem after we finished Dark Animus for the night and didn't rerun those bosses on LFR later that week :/).

Can you confirm this actually works? I've killed all relevant bosses on LFR already this week (got my last secret during Pinnacle), but I don't know whether I can re-kill them for runestones now, or have to wait until next lockout.

I can't confirm this works or not, but from my experience I'm leaning towards he didn't miss out on much.

I did the last 6 bosses on LFR this week to finish my secrets of the empire, then in normal raids we just finished the last 3 normals today (Iron Qon, Twins, and Lei Shen) and received 0/3. With how legendary quest drop rates are, not to say that's any real evidence, but I wouldn't fret too much about trying to get them in the same week you finish secrets.
100 Human Warrior
It's safe to assume that Titan Runestones work the same as Secrets of the Empire, where you only get one shot per boss per week regardless of which difficulty it's killed on. So, there's no reason to run any of the bosses on LFR unless you sat for one of those bosses in your regular raid at some point. The only difference is that there's half the bosses eligible to begin with (the back six).
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100 Blood Elf Priest
I just got my LMG last week. Picked up one runestone last week from the wing I hadn't run prior to completing the previous part of the chain, and two this week -- so 3 total on 9 eligible boss kills. Not bad.
100 Troll Warlock
First week of the quest, all 6 bosses for 1 drop. This looks like it will be fun to grind.
100 Human Monk
3/12. Going to remain calm until 5.3 hits. Then I'm going to nerd rage explode if I'm not done with the quest.
Welcome to my world least you HAVE the meta I have to do the first crappy quest still only at 8 and then i have to do this crap. Can we just go back to rare drops for legendarys least then you can see it more.
100 Pandaren Monk
3 so far. 2 first week, 1 second, 0 this past week.
90 Pandaren Monk
2/12 Been on this quest now for 4 weeks got 1 the first week, none the second week, 1 the third week and none this week
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