The Fairies and Goblins commonly referred to as The FaGs originally started as a collection of friends from Florida but has since grown and expanded to meet the incredible challenges present in current end game raiding content. The guild originated on The Underbog but transferred to Ysera in August 2012 to get a new perspective on the game.

We raid every Tuesday + Thursday 8:30-11:00 PM EST

We are currently 6/12 Throne of Thunder normal

We are recruiting ONLY a skilled healer with 496+ ilvl. Any healer class is welcome but we'd prefer a Druid/Monk/Shaman for our current setup.

This is a 100% guarantee in our progression group.

For more info visit our website that no members ever use or feel free to contact officers in game : Fabalous, Ellesmeara, Skids, Harsgald.