May 1st, 2005

100 Human Mage
On May 1st, 2005 Virtute Et Armis was formed with a splinter group from House of Heroes and the remains of Avengers of Eonar. It's hard to believe 8 years have passed since that day that I found the vendor and purchased my guild petition, and had our charter members sign the petition.

Over the years we've had a lot of friends join and leave, and many who came back again after trying out other guilds. We've built a special kind of bond in the game. Low pressure, raid when we have enough, help each other out in everything, and most of all, just have fun.

We climbed to the airfield outside of Ironforge before you could fly there, just for a party. We played darts from the top of the tower in Westfall, and we joined with Harbringers and Children of Light to make our first venture into Molten Core.

We still have memories that will never die. The hunter who got locked out of the boss fight and watched from outside. The tank who went into battle with his fishing pole equipped. The rogue who went afk following the mage and came back to laughter as he was dead on the floor. The priest who often convinced people to look out the door at the bottom of Naxx before levitating them off the edge. Or the mage who threw up a portal to ancient Dalaran. The guild bag projects that started with mooncloth bags for all and transitioned with every patch. The fear of asking for things like cloth or herbs where you might log in to a mailbox that never seemed to empty with all the gifts from guildies.

We've had our ups and our downs, been bigger, and smaller. Split off a guild that wanted to be more hardcore named Vox Virtus. We've teamed up with guilds like Chivalry and Shadow of the Phoenix, and sometimes we've just done it alone. Through it all, we've thrived.

So, on this the 8th anniversary of Virtute Et Armis, I toast all of those who have been a part of our 8 year history. Guild members, former members, friends, foes and all. Thanks for everything, and I look forward to the years ahead. If you have a memory of VeA. I hope you'll share with us here! Thank you Eonar, for a solid 8 years of fun!
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91 Pandaren Shaman
The short time I have been here has been great and look forward to the future. Thank you Virtute Et Armis for letting me have a place i can call home!!!
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100 Night Elf Priest
Happy 8th anniversary VeA!

Always a pleasure to group with you all!

.. and never a dull moment, whether raiding or otherwise! :)
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