Good morning/afternoon!

I'm looking to start up a fresh tot group with a couple friends on Drenden alliance side, but I'll need a couple other players to round off the team. We'd be running once or twice a week, with the goal of pushing as many bosses as possible. I'd like to be full cleared normal within a few weeks. The goal is to have a fun but focused atmosphere with which to clear content. Looking to pick up a couple dps, a healer with a dps os, and a healer OR tank for the last spot (as I can do whichever of the two we need more). Ideally a non-plate melee, a warlock/mage, a disc priest or holy pally, & the tank spot can be warrior/bear/paladin/monk.

If you're interested, leave a message or send an in game mail/tell to Fayoh. My battletag is fayoh#1737 if you'd like to chat & I'm not presently on my druid.
Edited by Fayoh on 5/2/2013 9:37 AM PDT