The gates to the utopia that is Slowgression raiding have opened! (wow OMG)

25 will pass through these gates (and then die, and then pass through again)

One of those 25 could be you! (unless your alliance then its just not gonna happen)

The raiding will commence friday or saturday from 8pm (times are subject to change each sold seperately, batteries not included)

Currently looking for big juicy dps especially or the ranged variety and super especiually of the ranged cloth variety. The ones that keep us alive are also needed especially the ones that spin around (and apparently dont even get dizzy?)

Come for the raiding, stay for the insanity (serenity now is commonly heard on the vent [not really im just making that up])

If your still reading this you are qualified for the job ask any slowgression member for an invite to the guild and shoot me up with an ingame mail and ill get you sorted.

See you there. (not if i see you first, lolwat? i would still see you, oh i guess....)