In the serach for Happypanda

100 Human Warrior
I am looking for a player "Happypanda" he/her is a human warrior from this server, if anyone knows him/her please tell him/her i would appreciate to talk with him/her regarding his/hers outstanding 2vs2 performance with a disc/warr comp

My gf and i have the same comp (disc-arms) but our win ratio is barely 50% so we can use the advice of him/her who has 83% win ratio.

Sorry for my bad english but my natal tongue is spanish.
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90 Human Mage
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My gf and i
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90 Human Warrior
couple tips I can think off of the top of my head is practice your rotation a lot on target dummy so you can do lots of damage in arena without thinking about it. Generally my priority list is MS - CS (if less than 5 TfB) - OP - Slam if 60 rage+ and TfB <5 and you have time - HS is very situational; I like to use it use for burst but try not to starve yourself of OP/Execute.

2nd thing is to always be hitting something and don't chase if you have another target option and aren't 100% certain of major CD usage or kill.

Here is a VoD of a queue session a while back, nothing particularly remarkable just average day of play
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100 Human Warrior
Thanks a lot for your help, I am happy to see good advices, normally when I post some "help need" in my forums all I get is "reroll a mage" , "get yourself a druid healer" etc.

I learned a lot of things from your video that I will try to put in practice

I will abuse your generosity asking here a couple of things that may help another needy warriors/disc team like mine.

Please comment my points below (I know they are all wrong thats why I need your insight)

1. In the video you linked I saw you use "bloodbath" I tried the same spec but I really didnt realize an upgrade in my performance

I use in the last tier storm bolt because I really miss the lack of control against casters and other melees and its cd is 30 secs.

2. In those videos you don't have to face double control dps maybe is because they don't get too far away in 2vs2 but in my bracket we usually get to face rogue/dk , double frost mages, mage/priest and a pretty variety of cc combos that makes our lives miserable with cc chains of 20 secs sometimes (frost nova, sheep, fear, seduction, etc)

3. I have really big problems when we face those resto druids that cyclone+cyclone+cyclone+roots and run away all the time, i will take your advice and let them run away and hit something else.

4. Instead of shockwave i use Dragon roar, it allows me to "one shot" things at 20 o 30% of the hp or start the fight with high pressure against double dps.

5. Macros: these are my main macros

a) The one shot macro, basically i use the trinket, cast reck and banner an MS
b) In other button i have a macro that hits CS and then set OP for 20 secs (the CD of CS) if it procs i have shift +4 to hit it again.
c) The charge macro (i use double time) also applies hamstring, (i have to hit it twice) but if i am in melee range i can hit it too and get hamstring done anyway and that saves me one button
d) in F1 i got the spell reflect macro, it equips my shield and sword, cast spell reflect and shield wall
e) My pummel also hits HS

And thats pretty much all macros i got

Melayn performance is HUGE too, we will love to see some 2vs2 arenas from his point of view so we can get better knowledge about how we need to position ourselves
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90 Night Elf Druid
1. I like to use Bloodbath because it is a short CD and applies a snare so I can do DPS without worrying about keeping hamstring up. I also find that teams like to save their defensive CDs for the obvious "one shot macro" with Avatar and such, so with Bloodbath I can use CDs more often and with less interference with their defensive CDs and peels.

2. Double DPS teams can be tough, my strategy most of the time is to stay on my target as best I can while stopping their burst and preventing CC on my healer. Intervening your banner against these teams is very important to get out of roots so your healer doesn't need to dispel, also use Spell Reflection at the right time to reflect CC or or high damage spells. Mainly however it comes down to cycling CDs and CC with your healer efficiently to counter their pressure and get a kill.

3. Resto Druids depending on their partner I find are one of the easier healers to control for me, in part probably because I play one as my main. Generally you need to swap onto them whenever they are trying to get in position to start CC (so you need to aware of his position always), because once it starts it will probably be chained. Bloodbath can come in handy here since it auto-applies snare which makes travel form spam much less effective. Also make sure to be aware of cyclones on you so you can reflect them. Lastly try to coordination with your healer fear on him; so you may want to charge-shockwave while your priest sprint shields in invis to him, or just charge-hamstring if he's cornered and stun isn't necessary.

4. I would never use dragon roar in 2s because shockwave is just so useful in so many situations, I can't even begin to give examples of why it is the best choice always :p

5. For macros you definitely need to have intervene healer:

/cast [@healername] intervene
(you don't need to change the name to safeguard or vice versa, it will always work)
This is probably my favorite and has the most functions. Alot of the time I use to to close distance, but it's also good to come peel for your healer real quick.

Also very imporant is focus pummel even though it won't be used often; when you do land an interrupt it makes a noticeable difference, as I've found it immediately makes the opposing team think before casting near you
/cast [@focus] pummel

Focus Fear is also very useful so you can fear the focus target without having to waste time retargeting or running at him to get in range while losing DPS, you can spam the key while trying to get near him while continuing to DPS main target.
/cast [@focus] intimidating shout

I also like this macro for when I use fear on my current target and want to let it sit without breaking to wait for inner focus/aura mastery to come off, or tree form, etc.


/cast intimidating shout

The rest of the macros are just personal playstyle.

As for Melayn's play, yeah he is very good and makes it very hard for teams to CC him which makes my job easier as well as communicating with me when I should stay back or push in. Unfortunately his internet upload isn't fast enough to stream, I will try to ul one of his recordings with his permission but that may take some time to to edit/encode/upload.
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Happypanda dies during zandalari meteor showers
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