Chaos Maleficarum will be filling a 25m to finish up MoP prior to 5.3. We're currently looking for dedicated players that enjoy raiding in a competitive atmosphere. We're looking for players that are willing to learn and have a desire to progress through heroic content. In order to progress successfully, applicants should have at least a 485 ilvl and have a strong knowledge of content.


Raid Times:

Monday- 7:30pm-midnight EST
Tuesday- 7:30pm-midnight EST
(adding a thursday raid once the 25man roster is filled)

Class Needs:

1 Mistweaver Monk
1 Resto Druid
1 rogue
1 warlock
1 ret paladin
1 balance druid
1 Frost and 1 Blood DK

Applicants should have a full understanding of their class with a solid offspec. We follow a skill > gear concept. If players are willing to learn we are willing to teach. All typical guild perks are afforded to all raiders. If you have questions please message me. Make sure that we are the right guild for you before transferring.

Kiliens battletag = Skeez#1465