Hello and welcome to Disposable Crusaders. We are a group of friends dedicated to progressing while having fun at the same time. The only thing we expect of our raiders is that they be knowledgeable of their class and the current content fights, and to also be open to the occasional constructive criticism in case an area of improvement is needed. While the above mentioned are -highly- expected, the only thing we require of members is to have vent and if possible a working mic. We will provide feasts, flasks, and potions but everyone is more than welcome to bring their own. :)

Since we are a 10 man raid guild, we have a 1 MS loot max per raid week limit with no OS loot max. New raiders are placed on a two week probation before being allowed to roll for MS or gbank access. However, if no one else needs an item for main spec, then raiders at loot cap will be allowed to roll. Probationary members aren't allowed to roll on tier unless the above rule applies (MS>MS loot cap>probee>OS). We try to prioritize everyone's main spec before giving a piece to offspec without outright restricting new members from tier.

Our raid times are Thursdays at 10 pm to midnight, Fridays at 9:30 pm to midnight, and Saturdays 9:30 pm to midnight. Eitrigg is a central time server, so our raid times are set in CST.

If interested, please send in-game mail to the GMs Khaira and Lookuphere. One of us is usally on to answer any questions you may have. Thank you for your interest and please have a wonderful day!