[A] Epiphany LFM + PuG Opportunities

100 Human Death Knight
Hello Again Suramar

Epiphany is still looking to get a full core raid group for 10-man progression content (at this point in the game, ToT10 is priority, with some HoF10 and ToES10 on off-nights)...

We currently have the following roles geared for ToT progression purposes: 2 tanks, 1 healer, 5 dps (2 melee and 3 range)... these individuals have the knowledge of the class specified, and are competent with ability to progress through new 10 man content.

Epiphany is looking to add about 10 more endgame individuals to its ranks, that have proper knowledge of the class they play (i.e. shot rotations, gems/enchants/reforge, raid mechanics in regards to class) and are wanting to progress through new content.
The roles we are looking for: 1 tank, 3 to 5 healers, and 4-7 dps.

Raid Nights are Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday*, and Sunday 5:15 p.m. server time...
Raids will run for roughly 3 hours, given attendance. They will have 1-2 breaks about every hour, otherwise pushing for quick attempts, instruction on improvement, and gear distribution when completed. Our loot system is simple... the role you play is your main set (ms), and master-loot will hold /roll based: Main set > Offset > Vendor/DE ... there are no "limits" to how many pieces one person can win/roll on, as we cannot control what drops for who when downing... and assuming players in guild come weekly for content, loot will eventually be won by all returning individuals... it's common sense.

For PuG individuals that aren't looking to join the guild, but are interested in coming, I still need a few slots filled until people are willing to give the guild a shot... so I will be spamming /trade for those slots on above raid nights around 5:15 server time... my rule with PuGgers: if you save yourself to our run on one given night, I will proiritize invite for that slot to you for the remaining lockout - meaning, if you can make the next raid night time, and you message me, I will make sure you get into the continuation of the raid. G-Calendar will be used to help with this.

For any more information or questions about Epiphany, please send a tell to either Crifonian or Ellesaidh for additional details, or via in-game mail/this forum post to Crifonian, and I will respond within a day.

Thank you,
Crifonian, Co-GM of Epiphany
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