I wish Starsurge procs had some sort of. ....

way to let them build up ...like an Spriests Orbs.

Sometimes I get like 5 all in the span of a global other times ...it's none. It would make me feel better if i could save some for when i actually could use them effectively.
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90 Troll Druid
That would make boomkin incredibly over powered, more so than it already is. My starsurges usually hit between 80-200k on a target. If I pump 5 starsurges instantly into 1 target with all my CD's going it would not live.

I don't agree with this, boomkin dmg is too good as it is. If they're gonna alter anything about balance tweaking the survivability a little bit would be the thing to do and balance doesn't even really need that.
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90 Troll Druid
I'd rather they buff our hard casted abilities so we can punish people for not training us. We do the same, if not more damage when we get trained due to owlkin frenzy. We actually have great survivability already.
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100 Troll Druid
Like they said, it would be ridiculous for PvP burst.

A better solution would be removing the one in flight rule, which I remember seeing as a possible change for 5.3. if you happen to get lucky you could still chain a few back to back, but you can't abuse it by getting 3 or more stacks and saving them for right as you go to burst someone down.
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abuse it by getting 3 or more stacks and saving them for right as you go to burst someone down.

but that's what I WANT!!!! punish those scrubby rogues that follow me around for the whole BG.

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