Help Rogue Event Ideas

I've been planning an event for the past few days revolving around rogues. I am stumped on what activities I should do.

I don't want to go over board with this but suggestions would be great to hear.

I currently have a few ideas running around in my head but more ideas are always awesome.

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90 Blood Elf Hunter
I used to apprentice a rogue or two on mine. Infiltration missions were the most fun!

Many a 1 for survival was rolled and disasters were had.
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Well, I think I can put that into the event if people are wanting an apprentice or something. Even myself included could use one.
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100 Tauren Priest
Coin toss long jump event.

Rogues flying everywhere.
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Coin toss long jump event.

Rogues flying everywhere.

Oh my god. I think I just got my main idea.
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100 Human Warrior
Are we talking event events, or RP styled events?
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Hmm......Perhaps some blade dancing? It would seem an awful waste of very good blades not to use them for something.

Lockpicking services offered for free for those who have somehow amassed a huge quantity of boxes.

I'm as stumped as you are right now. Rogues like to be mum about most of their trade secrets.
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90 Night Elf Rogue
Free ganking for members of the opposite faction.
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Coin toss long jump event.

Rogues flying everywhere.

Oh my god. I think I just got my main idea.

Oh Gods....Survivor's Bag of Coins works with Goblin Glider
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Poison-brewing events.

Have everyone brew a specific type of poison.
Twists involve:
  • Using none of the original/intended materials (Give them all twigs, berries, rocks and dirt, or herbs to make a healing potions when telling them to make a paralysis venom)
  • Unorthodox poisons (Such as combat-sleep poisons or fast-acting venom that numbs the body while heightening the mind, vice-versa))
  • Being under pressure. ("Oh by the way, you're doing all this in the middle of an active silithid hive.")
  • Ingredients that spontaneously combust.
  • Extra-credit involves having your peers sample it.
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