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100 Undead Hunter
Hello all,

I am currently trying to get a 10M group together for heroics and I am looking for advice about group set up. I am very new to raiding, so any help would be appreciated.

So far I am thinking as follows: Prot warrior, prot paladin, resto druid, resto shaman, disc priest, sv hunter (me), arcane mage, warlock, rouge, and another warrior.

I think I have a good mix as far as the basics, but the other issue I have is a guildie has another hunter who wants to join in (and he doesn't have any 90 alts to move into it). Would two hunters hurt the comp? I assume it is possibe to do, but there I want to give us the best chance we have, since it will likely be a new group of people learning together.
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90 Troll Shaman
Change the prot warr to a brewmaster monk. Higher damage output and awesome CDs.
Hunters are good dps. 2 would not kill you, however consider gearing. CF has 5 on prot token and set bonuses are awesome.
Arcane is garbage compared to frost or fire. Fire will pull ahead with higher gear.
A DK would be pretty nice as well but you also don't want to stack too many melee. 2 is kinda tops esp for fights like Iron Qon.
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100 Undead Hunter
Thank you very much for the feedback, the more input the better.
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You have every raid buff/debuff in that comp, assuming you run a sporebat (Spell Haste).

I'd personally stick with 2 block tanks as they're always generally the most consistent, prot paladins are gods at the moment while warriors bring Rallying cry / Demo Banner / Shattering Throw / Skull Banner.

You have a huge amount of raid cooldowns available with that comp, as much as our 25man core.

As for running 2 hunters in a 10man, it's not a big deal really since MD is bugged to oblivion and is spammable with no CD "most of the time" (huge benefit for Heroic Horridon/Heroic Tortos).

If you want an extra edge in alot of the earlier bosses, having people race change troll for the 5% (Beast slaying) racial is huge.
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