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I really loathe the spamming add-ons so I don't want to recruit that way. I've posted on my realm and the guild recruit forumns...any other advice for finding quality players to fill up my guild and help level?

Also setting up a website this weekend for the guild. I appreciate any and all advice!
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Tell us more about the guild. Why does it exist? What kinds of activities do you see the guild doing? What is your targeted player demographic? What services do you currently offer, and what do you plan on offering in the future?
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Beyond setting up the website, I have a vent server set-up for the guild to use.

The guild exists to give everyone a fun environment to play the game, I am looking to fill it with active and/or social players. I enjoy both the PvE and PvP aspect of the game so the guild will run BG's, Dungeons, and raid a few nights per week. Not looking for the hardcore type that want to go nuts raiding every night but the ones (like myself) that like to raid one to three nights and pvp the others (arena, bg, possibly rbg as well).

Also want it to be a guild were others can come in, level up, ask questions if they need help, and just have fun playing the game with some active, friendly people.

My server is pretty packed, lots of spamming in trade and gen chat for new guilds, just trying to find some creative ways to cut through that and get peoples attention. The last guild I was in completely fell apart after the GM quit - not something I plan to do.

Hope this helps answer your questions and maybe give advice givers some insight into my goal for the guild.
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1) Perseverance: Keep a recruitment post up on your realm forum and the guild recruitment forum (i see you have one here, but keep posting. yes, "bumping" is not allowed, but if you respond with actual information, that's okay). Post a recruitment ad in trade every once in a while. Then be patient. You may go a week without any bites, and then suddenly pick up five great guildies in one day. Be willing to ride out the low times and keep on trying.

2) Do stuff as a guild. It doesn't really matter what. You mentioned pvp, pve, and social stuff, so whether it's a dungeon night, a BG/arena night, a transmog or pet battle contest, go ahead. Schedule whatever stuff you come up with. Add this info to your recruitment posts and trade ad. "We run dungeons as a guild on Monday nights at 8, and join us at 7 on Wednesday evenings for our rated battlegrounds" is much more appealing to a potential recruit than "we do dungeons and pvp together." Every guild says that they do stuff, or will do stuff. The key is to actually do stuff, at scheduled times, so recruits know that you're really doing it and that they'll have events they can join.

3) Make sure you're recruiting in areas that target your desired audience. If you want to grab low level people and give them a place to level in comfort, then head out to the starter areas and hit your recruitment macro. Let them know that your guild is a fun place to be and that you welcome new players.
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