New 90 thinking about doing a guild raid

90 Blood Elf Death Knight
I am a new 90, and I have never done a raid. I see that my guild tries to do raids frequently, and I would like to try it out.

I don't, however, want to get off to a bad start as an idiot newbie with inadequate gear.

I have done tons of heroic instances as a DPS, and while I don't set any DPS records, I think I am a good contributor. So, how different is raiding from instancing? Any special tips to help me avoid ruining my rep within the guild?
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90 Goblin Rogue
Raiding is more of everything that H. Dungeons have.
Raiding is a team sport, your DK will be part of that team.
Know your special DK abilities and how to use them.
Example as a rogue, I can smoke bomb the tank and MDPS to avoid damage, I can CoS to avoid spells, I can feint to mitigate damage.
25m has even more than 10m going on.
The person who got me into WOW told me most everything below when I was thinking
about applying to a casual raiding guild back in WoTLK.
I am now sure it helped me get my foot in the door, cause I had never seen a raid till then.
Make sure you have all your gear properly gemmed, enchanted and reforged.
Make sure you are hit and expertise capped.
Not sure if DKs need 7.50% for hit and expertise, I suspect they do.
You are under both if that is correct.
Make sure you have the correct raid glyphs.
I would enchant all my gear, even blue gear, especially if trying out.
Get the very best gear you can, whether it is rep, crafted, LFR gear.
Approach raiding with the attitude I will be the best I can be.
Correct gems, enchants and proper reforge tells anyone who looks at you that you know your class
Have the correct foods, flasks and potions for a DK.
(I do this even if the Raid provides it, never know what might happen)
Know your rotation, this lets you focus on the boss, avoiding fire on the floor etc.
I always make the MT my focus, so I can see what he is hitting.
Watch the strats of the bosses fights, these have tips for the encounter.
Ask your raid leader what videos and strats he uses, look at those
Don't chatter while the Raid Leader is talking.
Do speak up if you don't understand the Raid Leaders instructions.
Don't complain about gear not falling to you, kill enough bosses and the gear will come
Be respectful of your fellow raiders
When you make a mistake, admit and learn from it.
All raiders make mistakes, not all admit them.
Look at the World of Logs after the raid.
This can help you analyze what you did right and wrong.
It has loads of valuable information about what you did in the raid.
If your guild does not have World of Logs you can set one up for yourself.
Raiding with a good raid team is great fun, t he best you can have in WoW.

Good luck!!
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90 Human Mage
There is so much good in the post from Torlagi there is not really a reason to add to it.

Good post
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90 Draenei Shaman
Really good list from Torlagi.

My suggestions beyond that would be to talk directly to your guild's raid leader. Depending on where in progression they are, you may or may not be eligible for that team, or maybe they have a starter team. Even if you aren't eligible for the team, the raid leader can give you excellent advice about how to become more raid ready.

You can't really just "go on a raid". A raid is a team, it will often "pug" (bring in other players when they are short handed) but will usually want experienced raiders over inexperienced. Getting on a guild team is a good way to start raiding.

If your guild does guild LFRs, attend them. Especially if any guild leaders are going; they will likely include information about how they prefer to do each boss. If not, just start doing them yourself. It's a good idea to study a bit first, even for LFR, especially if you are unfamiliar with raiding. I like icy-veins for that.

my guild tries to do raids frequently

This suggests to me that your guild's raiders are not very progressed, which could be a good thing for you :D. Hopefully they keep a light hearted, fun atmosphere, then you should have a blast.
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90 Blood Elf Death Knight
Thanks for all the advice.
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90 Pandaren Shaman
Good advice from everyone else. I would start in LFR as soon as you've got the gear level (I bought a cheap 476 chest on my newest 90 so I could meet the ilvl requirement asap). Take a quick look at DK best practices/spec, etc. Elitist Jerks is a good place to start for general info. Get some glyphs, and at least cheap enchants on your blues. Talk to your raid leader or GM about what kind of gear level they will be expecting to start raids, and then you can work towards that.

As far as how different raid are from 5 mans, it's all a matter of degrees. You will see many of the same mechanics, just more and/or they hit harder. You can practice in 5 mans by always striving to be the player who doesn't stand in stuff (unless you're supposed to), who interrupts when it's needed, and who follows the mechanics of the fight rather than just brute forcing through it (people who get hit by every single ground slam on Xin the Weaponmaster and let the healers just heal them through it, for example). If you're that player in heroics, you'll do just fine in raids. Oh, and you can cheat - Deadly Boss Mods is your friend if you need a reminder about getting out of bad, or switching targets.
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