Rewriting the Trollish Lore Compendium

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I wrote the original Trollish Lore Compendium as a resource for myself, primarily. I'm so glad that it's helped others create so many great characters over the years, but it was just something I did to help me understand my own characters, at first. I mean, when World of Warcraft first released, there was precious little information available about the Darkspear Tribe, or any other tribe, for that matter. Matsu'jin was basically only written as an Amani hold-out from the Second War because I had a lot more information to work with on that angle (the old Warcraft 2 game manuals are full of great information). My goal was really just to compile all of the official stuff in a central location, and then use that to help myself understand the lore.

You can still find the old guide floating around the internet pretty easily. I'm always so surprised when I see someone link it on an RP forum for reference, and it makes me really proud. Unfortunately, a lot of that information's out-dated now. It needs to be updated. And to be honest? I cringe whenever I read through it, because I was such an awful writer back then, and frankly, its a little embarrassing.

So I'd like to rewrite it. I mean, completely. From the ground up. I graduate from college this Sunday, and when I'm not out looking for a new job with my diploma in hand, I'll need something to work on. This is the project I'd like to work on, I think. But I'm going to need help. If anyone's interested in lending a hand, please let me know.

Here's the kicker, though: we're going to be taking some real artistic liberties with this. Not deviating from the lore completely, but let's be honest -- a lot of the official troll lore is bad. Blizzard used the names of actual Haitian Loa when they wrote up the Trollish gods in the RPG. Like ... Legba, Lukou, Ogoun, Dambala, Samedi, Shango, etc? Those are actual Loa that real people actually believe in. Using them in WoW is not only lazy, it's also offensive, in my opinion.

So we're going to change them. If it's not official, whatever. Feathermoon's been leading World of Warcraft in terms of creativity and RP since the very beginning. I know that this is something we're capable of doing tastefully.

Let me know if you're interested in lending a hand.
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I doubt I'd have time to help, but I'd love to see the progress as the project flourishes. Where will you be collaborating?
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That's a good question. If most of the people involved are Horde, we can just spitball ideas around while we're playing, or hop on Vent and chat it out. There's likely going to be some Alliance interest, though, so I'll probably end up making a Google Doc that everyone involved can access.
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For the record, it was the initial troll compendium that made me roll a troll warrior and say "dude, that Mats' is baller."

And then I found $20 and got free shots in a bar in Minnesota.
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I am 100% in support of this effort. Feathermoon has always been home to some of the best creatives in WoW and I'd like to think our quality of offerings has only improved with age. I would love to see some additional meat on the bones of Troll lore and I can't think of a better community to help provide that.

Let's get that Google Doc up and get it going!
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I just want everyone to know that I've official started working on this.
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If you need anything, let me know...

I'm a huge troll fan...planning to re-roll one later today, in fact. Only reason I don't have one now is my friends are all Alliance-side...but the new patch has (like EVERY troll patch has...) rekindled my love of da voodoo...
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