Hello my fellow Gul'danian's,

Inlustro here to let you know that Hands of The Forgotten, Level 25, is back and active and growing stronger everyday! Our Guild Population is currently at 546 Members, 10 to 20 on at times. We offer Leveling Perks & BoA's for the Leveler's our there, and offer much for you level 90's out there. :)

We have a goal to be a top guild on Gul'dan for both Raid Progression and PVP; we plan on doing everything WoW has to offer. We are not elitist but we get stuff done and we are very helpful and won't turn away anyone who seeks training/help learning how to improve themselves with raiding or pvp. "We won't carry you but we will help you. :)"

Our Core Raid team isn't set in stone yet but we are cleaning up the first 5.0 raids and then will strive to clear ToT as soon we are ready! We also plan on weekly guild world boss kills, transmog/achievement runs, and guild LFR's. We are planning on a 2nd raid team so if your wanting a chance at a spot please get a hold of us on our website and fill out an application.

(Core Group Raid Times: Saturday & Monday 6:30PM server)

As far as PVP goes are goals are to have a Rated Battleground group in the future just need the 90's to make the group. We currently run Arena's and Regular Battlegrounds so we can help each other gear up!

If you have questions for us please PST Inlustro, Alcatraaz - Secretary Recruiter & Marketeer, or our Guild Master - Bigbééf in game or hit us up on our website.


Hands of The Forgotten Recruiter and Marketeer,