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So I'm a tad late to the area and have just recently started doing Isle of Thunder. Did the initial dailies in Za, then kinda went exploring to see how I need to approach this area. Picked up a few quest lines (yellow ! ones) that I am slowly working my way through.

Saw that the Chamberlin one may not be done because one of the item is up on a big rock that needs to have a leap over a chasm, so I knew I needed to do Skin of the Saurok to have the disguise enabled. So I found the location of the quest giver... except he is nowhere to be found anywhere around that location.

So while I was there, tried to pick up some dailies... I have the locations where the Za and Crag ones are supposed to be given... but nothing, nada. Not where they are supposed to be, not where the initial dailies I already have done.

Yes I did "pick up" the scenario that is supposed to open stage 2 for me, but wanted to kind finish stage one first. From ALL I have read, this should NOT impede me from doing the dailies... anyone have any clue how I can deal with this?
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05/06/2013 09:26 AMPosted by Brightbrown
Yes I did "pick up" the scenario that is supposed to open stage 2 for me, but wanted to kind finish stage one first.

You need to do the solo scenarios until you advance to the same stage that the rest of your realm is at. Keep doing them until you run out of solo scenarios.

Stage one is no longer available, but keep going through solo scenarios and eventually (maybe after 4 or 5 scenarios) you'll reach the stage that your realm is at and you'll have dailies available.
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90 Human Mage
Oh wow... pretty that Nalak is now open, so I think my realm (Durotan) is at Stage 5. I'll do the one I have now after reset because it's got 25 VP attached to it... then I guess I'll have to hunt up each other one...

Too bad the guides I read didn't even seem to hint at this... especially the Icy Veins one (I hold them in high regard)..
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Those dailies (PvE side) are also randomized so the lizard ones don't show up everyday. Be patient.

ps. Those fansites probably didn't know since the Isle is brand new. I don't think they put this part on the PTR for them to datamine.
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