Frankly, I'm kind of sick of the griping.....

100 Human Priest
I'm on a personal crusade to get the general opinion back to what it should be (and was back in BC): Healing meters do not matter
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100 Dwarf Warrior
05/04/2013 12:06 PMPosted by Akatangus
Alright, I understand the "pure" healing classes are stressed over absorbs and "smart heals" and such.

My healer is only an alt, who I only do LFR with, so take this with a grain of salt.

I actually switched back to my shaman after playing monk because I found the monk smart heals ridiculously boring. When playing my monk I didn't even look at my raid frames while healing. I watched the tanks health obviously, but other than that I just pressed Enveloping Mists on cooldown and used Uplift when I knew raid damage was going out. My other three aoe heals, Spinning Crane Kick, Chi Burst and Chi Torpedo, were all dependent on where my character was standing so I paid more attention to that than to raid frames.

I missed actually looking at Vuhdo and playing wack-a-mole, so I switched back to shaman.
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Healing meters do not matter

I couldn't help but thinking the same thing when I saw the title, but it seems like this discussion is more about if Resto druids are still desired for raiding, now that every healing class seems to have an equivalent of every healing spell and is able to heal everything.

Personally I think it's still player skill > spec and I love it that you're not gimping your raidteam by not being able to bring/recruit a certain class or spec.
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100 Night Elf Druid
I'm on a personal crusade to get the general opinion back to what it should be (and was back in BC): Healing meters do not matter

It's not just wanting to be desired to raid by raiding guilds. It's also being bored during certain encounters. It's going from a mentality of "OMG, who needs a heal" to.. "wow.. is there anything to heal"

Unless the throughput healer is just sucking at life, if another class can outperforms the other healers by a substantial amount then that leaves very little to do for the throughput healers.

I think if 5.3 can even help even out all the healers a little bit more, that you'll see less complaints. I at least have no problem if my numbers are less than that of a priest or pally, as long as I'm doing my best and working at being better.. the boss goes down.. Then I'm happy. Sitting around waiting on damage to occur.. Nourishing people with most if not all their health just to keep harmony up, not so fun.
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05/08/2013 03:02 PMPosted by Ohdin
It's not just wanting to be desired to raid by raiding guilds. It's also being bored during certain encounters.

That's not just a throughput-healer 'problem'. I think all healers end up DPS-ing parts of (many) fights, because there's little to heal (including normal mode). In LFR there's little to nothing to do when you end up in a decent group, but there are times when I have to heal harder than I ever did in normal and even heroic raids. Usually when the group ignores every mechanic...

With most DPS having healing abilities, healers having DPS abilities, and Tanks outdpsing or outhealing (or both) the entire raid... One day we'll all be Paladins. With tigers.
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100 Troll Priest
Why exactly is Holy supposed to uh..."lose something" or "give something" to allow for absorbs? Holy doesn't have absorbs.

Apparently 1 Power Word: Shield every 6 seconds (with a 15s debuff... ok 13s if you glyph for it) is OP absorbs.
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90 Blood Elf Paladin
Maybe I'm just dumb, but I have no idea what you're complaining about. Our druid gets along just fine. He's pretty awesome. So what's wrong? If it's about topping the meters, you can come raid with me and HOT everyone up- I like being carried :)
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90 Tauren Druid
Actually, i am quite pleased with the input so far. The point I am trying to get across is i love playing my class, that absorbs are needed in game as this xpac requires some sort of manifestation to cut back on the amazing amount of damage incurred, and that rdruids and shamans are not useless.

Our healing core does just fine. I don't top the meters. The pally and priest do. I topped the meters thru cata and woltk. So what? What I am saying is, it is crazy that overheals due to absorbs are at 70%? I am by far not a "perfect" resto druid, but I am a good one. To hear other druids or classes complain that they can't heal or keep up because of absorbs is plain wrong. THAT is my point.

However, it is true that some things do have to change... As I have said, I love my class, I didn't just quit and roll a monk or a pally, nor switch to my priest. I assessed why my healing felt sub par, and made changes to bring it up to a more competitive level. I do NOT wish to "nerf" another class. As someone said previously, overheal to mushrooms is slow, clunky, and a gimmick. About the only fight i find them seriously useful in is Magera. Otherwise, they take more time away from healing than they do actually benefiting the raid. It's simply a new balance issue with a new mechanic, and I was more interested in ideas on how to fix it than complaining about it.
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100 Goblin Priest
If you are incurring 70% overheal in an encounter, you need to drop a healer. The most overheal I've seen in my co-healers is on the order of 40% in three heal scenarios. I realize that it may be annoying to have to OS dps, but the reality of the situation is that an extra healer is often times not needed in a raid setting, be that 25 or 10 man.

Either that, or be content to sit on your hands for some of the fight and just dps, or do something else if you don't want to OS a role. Another suggestion would be to communicate with your healing team and actually have your co-healers throttle back. For the most part in normal modes, there just isn't enough damage going out once your raiders become efficient at executing; combine the fact that bosses/adds die faster as players gear up, in addition to several nerfs to a few of the ToT encounters, means there is less to heal. In such a case dropping a healer is easy to do, or just scale back the healing done.
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90 Worgen Warlock
it is crazy that overheals due to absorbs are at 70%

It is crazy, it means you have way too many healers.
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100 Goblin Shaman
05/04/2013 10:14 PMPosted by Tonydanza
Disc/HPal are so far more desirable that it's getting quite difficult to find a raid team where you can play Resto druid entirely. Every single raid team demands I OS dps, which of course means, I won't be healing the majority of heroic content. The result for me on my server, well I'm left in the dust and settling with whatever team will allow me to Stay resto.

^ this on this one. I am getting tired of people offering me dps positions when I don't want to dps on this one. I rolled a shaman to heal (I'm not joking either) and because I find healing on her enjoyable.

If I wanted to dps still, I'd be playing my original main (my hunter).

/end gripe

Though in my opinion, I think absorb healing needs to be slightly nerfed- and I literally mean slightly. I've noticed on my disc that I can pretty much negate 125K+ damage with just divine aegis (sometimes as much as 200K) which just seems like an awful lot to me. I can understand things like spirit shell or PW:S absorbing a lot, but a passive non-controllable ability?
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