Introduction of the Sentinel Army 5/19/13

"Wait here." Amará turns to her tired army. As she says this, everyone from Night elves to Pandaren drop their bags, and rub their aching muscles. Groans and sighs of relief can be heard as Amará walks up the wooden ramp to the great tree of Feathermoon's newest strong hold. Her eyes dance from each Feathermoon guard, nodding at each, till she reaches Shandris' guards. They eye the young elf carefully, then part to allow her through.
"Lady Feathermoon." Amará kneels in front of the wise elf. "I received your letter. I came as soon as I could."
"Arise, ranger." Shandris speaks articulately. "While Ashenvale needs you and your army, I know you can be of more use here, in Feralas." Amará rises and listens intently. "Tell your men to unpack their things. Before we talk about cleaning up Feralas and the relentless Horde, you must first gather Azeroth's greatest Alliance heroes. See if you can make any friendships, young one. The more you have to back our cause and our rallying cries, the more successful our endeavors, and weaker the Horde will become." Shandris smiles, showing her bright teeth.
"Right away, my liege." Amará nods and turns towards the tree-room's entrance.
"Oh and Amará..." Shandris whispers. Amará turns on the ball of her feet to gaze back at Shandris.
"Do not fail me..."

Hey all!
I figured I'd introduce my guild and guildies to everyone and all (I do mean ALL) are welcome to join in our RP meeting!
This will be a good opportunity for you to meet us (Or attack us...)

This won't be a huge event, nor will it be very long. Due to my work schedule, it'll be around 8PM SERVER. Please post on here what time/day would be better as I want to accomodate so many people can come out and have a good time! (They owe me a day off of work anyway)

  • When? TBD on May 19, 2013(Right now 8pm Server)
  • Where? Feathermoon Stronghold in Ferelas.
  • By WHO? By the Sentinels of Feathermoon!
  • I hope to see many of you there!!
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    Aaah... another militia group. But from the sounds of it, this looks more like an army then a gathering of willful. Very well, i shall head there on the determined time and day to write a new report for stormwind.

    ((and 8 pm works for me but if it's asking too much for the other peeps, the date can change))
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    100 Tauren Shaman
    Two letters arrive at the Feathermoon Stronghold. One in Taurahe, another containing a translation, with many crossed out lines.

    Our scouts in Feralas have spoken of increased activity around Alliance camps lately.

    With much respect I give the Longears warning of Shu'Halo present in these lands, both Grimtotem and those in alliance with the Bloodhoof. The Bloodhoof will not attack unless provoked, the Grimtotem have no such hesitation.

    For many seasons we have lived with each other nearby in Feralas, and here is to hoping this may continue. Feralas is far from Orgrimmar, and even farther from Stormwind. Thunder Bluff, however is not.

    May your journey be rewarding,

    Aovi Moonwatcher
    Minister, Thunderhoof Clan
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    Thank you so much to everyone that came out and participated in some RP and got the tour of the StrongHold! (Even Hordies flying overhead. I saw you and I appreciated your presence!)

    You guy's rock! Come out to the StrongHold any time to rp or start a scuffle!
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    For many seasons we have lived with each other nearby in Feralas, and here is to hoping this may continue.

    Thank you! Here's to hoping our Presence will be a good one! Elune Adore!
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