[H] 10-man Once-a-Week Weekend Raiding

100 Tauren Paladin
Hi everybody. I'm looking to put together a Saturday or Sunday raid group for players who can't commit to weekday raid schedules.

We'll only run once a week and the aim is current (i.e. ToT) content, so please be geared, gemmed, enchanted, etc. appropriately. Since Blizzard says 496s can achieve success in ToT, we'll go with that iLevel benchmark, but 502+ would be ideal and not unreasonable.


[1] Tank - Monk preferred.
[2] Healers - Holy Paladin and one non-Priest.
[1] DPS - Warlock preferred or non-plate melee.


- You must know your class and spec inside and out and perform accordingly.
- You must have high situation awareness. Don't die to fire. Or lightning.
- You must have some idea of what to expect from each encounter. We won't have to time to explain everything in detail, but we will clear up any hazy spots.
- You must come with flasks, potions, and food. We'll drop feasts, but don't expect any on every pull.
- You must be patient. If dying while we work out tactics doesn't sound appealing to you, don't bother with this run.


- Loot will be distributed based on simple rolls, but we'll make sure nobody gets greedy.
- If we're doing very well and run out of time, we can decide as a group whether to lock the ID or start fresh the week after.
- We can determine the day and the hours once we have an idea who's interested.

Interested? Send me, Nagayoshi, an in-game letter and I'll start drawing up the list.
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90 Orc Warlock
Updated to reflect remaining spots.

So far we have an Elemental Shaman, a Holy Priest, a Hunter, and a DPS Druid.
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100 Undead Warlock
I'm keen to step in as a substitute, if need be. I'd commit but unfortunately due to schedule, i do not really want to commit as I'm not sure if I can always be consistent for attendance =)

Also the specific role available is not always determined as I play whatever is needed for guild run earlier in week

Edit : forgot to mention

Prot pal
Disc(shadow) priest
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100 Tauren Paladin
Never mind. One slot still open.
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90 Blood Elf Hunter
If you want to add me on the invite- I could probably make every other week or so depending on the time. I can't guarantee which toon I'd bring but it'd either be this (513) hunter or a blood dk (511). Basically, each week I end up with a toon that isn't saved as I bring what my guild needs for ours for the week.

Figured I'd offer a warm body who knows the fight.
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90 Orc Warlock

I want to thank all of you who have expressed interest and sent me an in-game follow-up. Unfortunately, I'm leaving WoW to devote more time to world domination so I won't be able to organise this run. One of you enterprising Shu'halo people will come around with a similar group, I'm sure of it.
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90 Blood Elf Warlock
I'd like to be considered for a weekend run on (508) Keisei - warlock. message me in-game or mail a respose.
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90 Blood Elf Warlock
Excuse the brevity of the above message and the intent and formality of a message was lost in a whirlwind somewhere. I was in a hurry and did not, by any means, belittle any attempt of the formation of any group; much respect.

Obviously, this guy Satchman is lonely. I use and have used different toons and post on different toons. The group may be still in consideration or I need to post for the formation of one, anyhow. Just reaching out: I'd like to contact someone from the team to discuss more on the group and details for some of my guild members to do something similar or even reach out to other guilds.

Determining the players worth solely based on recent parses, especially, during the down-turn of WoW is simply shortsighted. Plus, any mention about a toon's profession without knowing details about what the player's intentions at the moment is asinine. Misinterpretation and jumping to conclusions is a sloppy game.

Real raiding is dying; its pulse is faint at the very least. Hardly any guilds are doing it these days in comparison to as little as a year ago; and I've been on different realms. where there were twenty formidable guilds, now there are may be five and the rest are struggling to get even 10-mans going. The rewards of going the distance to don't seem to attract the new players. Seems like most of the player base nowadays does not know their class to a decent degree and expects others to teach them on the spot; make a veteran player want to quit for the 4th time. I still understand the urgency of a parse to show the readiness of a player. That said, this account is about two months old and would like to get back into real raiding. Having work does get in the way of considering weekday raiding.

Thank you for the effort, in any case, and happy hunting.

Please stop trolling and find a hobby worth enriching yourself; Satchman, get a life.

Hello Shu'halo. I'm here to discuss how, in so few words, Keisei has shown exactly how not to join a raid group.

First off, he puts his item level in his post. This is redundant. Anyone can click his name and see his armory, where one can see not only his item level, but every piece of his armor!

Secondly, he tells us that his name is Keisei and is a Warlock. This is important information. However, this information is already available as Blizzard includes the name, race, and class of each poster to the left of each post. Look to the left of my post! You can see that I am an Orc Warrior on level 90. Very powerful!

Thirdly, he tells the raid leader to contact him. This is very silly and ballsy. Mr Keisei must be very confident in his abilities if he thinks he does not need to list his qualifications or parses. However, looking at his armory, his Tailoring is not high enough. Also, according to Raidbots, he has no parses on World of Logs. These things are not indicative of a strong raider. You see, by asking the raid leader to contact him, he is inviting said raid leader to examine him and determine his raid worthiness (if not inviting an instant rejection).

Lastly, and most importantly, he is asking to be part of a group that isn't being run anymore. How do I know this? Let's look at the post immediately preceding Keisei's:

Unfortunately, I'm leaving WoW to devote more time to world domination so I won't be able to organise this run.

Sir Yoshi had the decency to inform the server that the group would not be run anymore, yet Keisei is still trying to join it!

Please, people of Shu'halo, if you are trying to join a raid group or whatever, do not follow Keisei's example.
Edited by Keisei on 6/8/2013 1:59 AM PDT
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