I rolled some alts on this realm forever ago to play with friends but then that never happened lol
So I have a few chars with lovely names that are being wasted.

If someone is interested in having a unique non alt code cool name, I am willing to give them up for rare mini pets :)

1. Yes this is ok to do. I confirmed it with GMs. While it is not a supported transaction it is not against the rules to trade it for in game items. And while things can go wrong- u don't grab the name fast enough, if I scammed u I would get into trouble. So no worries.

2. All the chars are low lvls and able to be deleted and have their names free right away.

3. I will work with u to delete the char at any specific day/time u want so u can be ready right away to grab it. Meaning there should be no way that you will not get the name.

4. I must get the pet first ofcourse.

The character names are:

Pets I am looking for:
Spectral Tiger Cub
Guardian Cub
Cinder Kitten
Darkmoon Rabbit
Ji-Kun Hatchling
Ethereal Soul-Trader

Vial of Sands-mount
Spectral Tiger Mount

Yes i am a horrible evil person for this lol. I justify it that atleast the someone who gets it, probably really wants and will cherish the name then another person who will grab it randomly and just forget about it.

If u r interested just post here with the name u want & i will find u in game to talk :)