Darkness within is hosting a Pet Battle Tournament May 17, 2013 at 8:00 PM

Must have three level 25 pets. No minimum character level required.
Must be able to enter the neutral zone for tournament battles.
Open to both Alliance and Horde.

Send an in game mail to BC (Alliance) Clawsome (Horde) No later than Midnight, May 16, 2013

It is a requirement that all participants have installed and enabled the mod Pet Battle Reporter. This mod is used to relay all information regarding the 00matches to the administrators in real-time.

In the event a match result is disputed or in the event of a disconnection, a Tournament Administrator will make the final judgment for how the match will proceed. In the event of a hardware or software issue, a Tournament Administrator may approve a re-game. However, abuse of this mechanic may also result in disqualification from the tournament at the judgment of the Admin.

Players MUST be present at least 10 minutes prior to the beginning of the tournament or qualifying match. Failure to appear will result in a forfeit which will either be an automatic bye to their opponent or result in a substitution.

Players may be disqualified from the tournament for any of the below reasons, and others that may not be listed below:
- Disrespect toward Tournament Administrators
- Disruptive behavior
- Abuse of game mechanics or software
- Abuse of rules and regulations

Tournament Administrators have the authority to disqualify any player deemed abusive or manipulative throughout the course of the tournament, or for many other reasons.
Appeals may be directed in game to Setlo

First place: 5k gold and first choice
Second place: 2.5k gold and second choice
Third place: 1k gold and third choice

"Choices" allow you to choose from the following list:
A crafted 502 weapon of your choice,
All the Vanilla raid pets for "Raiding with Leashes",
All the Pandaren Elemental Spirit pet