My So Called Guild is recruiting

My So Called Guild is a new guild on Icecrown. We are a group of recently returning players to wow after a long break. Our main focus is on fun, and putting together a tight knit group of members of all levels. We have 2 rules: 1. The only one who can dictate what you do is the person who pays for your account. We won't badger anyone over the classes or the roles they play, nor will we nitpick over your gear or your numbers. 2. No children. We enjoy wow and see it as a release to blow off steam. Our members are primarily 30 and older. We cuss, we smoke, we drink, we have fun. If you frown upon this then we are not for you. We primarily play at night and would love to find some like minded people to share our favorite past time with. No I can't offer any of the high level guild perks yet but most of you played without those for years like we did. In time we will have them. What I can promise you is that I will work 10 times harder then anyone to make sure my guildmates are enjoying themselves, able to play through any content they wish, and I will make sure there are plenty of laughs and memorable moments along the way. If you are interested you can send an in game message to man be Armonk, aneemic, miztery, frostitits, or frutypebbles. We look forward to hearing from you.
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Damn phone...
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80 Worgen Warlock
if you raid 10mans im in, I am a former premo raider, had a few world 1st many world top 10s, and those hardcore days are behind me, I look forward to fun but fun with people that are cool and know what they are doing
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First of all, sorry it has taken me a few days to get back to you. I pride myself of honesty so I won't bull!@#$ you. As far as are we raiding 10 mans? nope, not yet, nor is it something I want to do hardcore. I know some of us would still enjoy to work on weekly progressions but at the same time I'm not willing to spend nights raging out because someone couldn't move, or someone missed a scheduled raid time. It would be more like if we have enough people online at a given time that want to do it, then we do it. I would love to talk to you some more in game if you are interested, so make a hordie and whisper manbearmonk or aneemic. I'll be on after 6pm server time. Tonight is Tequilla Tuesday so even if you wanted to join us in our vent and feel us out a little bit we would be cool with that. My crystal ball is pretty %^-*ty so who knows, maybe 2 weeks from now we are steadily raiding, maybe not. Right now my main focus is increasing the pool of players on daily so we can open up more options.
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