The Venture Co - An Introduction/Guild List

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Welcome to the Venture Co, if you are reading this then you are probably a member of our community or are looking to be one. The goal of this thread is to inform and answer some common questions regarding The Venture Co and its community. This first post is going to cover some common questions about The Venture Co and realms like it

One of the big questions that is typically asked is what the difference is between PVP and RPPvP Realms is. This is a very valid question and one of the most important things I think anyone who wants to come here should know. While a lot of the ruleset for PVP servers apply here, actually, all of them. You are also bound by a second code of conduct (which can be found at this link this code of conduct mainly covers Blizzard RP realm naming policy and harassment policy.

Outside of official rule differences you will find on RPPVP servers that WPVP is a common and widely enjoyed type of event. You will see guilds claiming control of territories and towns and defending them against any attack and often launching attacks against Rival guilds territories. This is part of the community and these events build strength and unity in our community.

One of the next things that is commonly asked is if The Venture Co is TRULY CRZ-FREE. The answer to this question is yes, Venture Co has no forced CRZ coalescing, meaning that if you see a CRZer it means they were invited over through Real ID (I will say a lot of people frown upon that here as well.) Some of the perks for this is less competition for our resources and rares, as well as the community remaining more tight knit.

One of the next questions that I have found pretty common lately is about The Venture Co's PVE raiding progression. There are a handful of guilds that progress fairly well in pve on both factions. Ozymandias(H),and Tranquility (A) definitely have the farthest raid progression on server with several other guilds showing promising raid progression on each side. I will say that PUGs and such on Veco have NOT been very active in the pve environment. I feel though if you are considering coming here you should not let this deter you, that you should take it as a challenge to spark activity in these departments if they are your interest.

The next thing I want to touch on is organized/rated PVP. The Venture Co is not a server with a high population of 2200 players, Most players who push forward in organized/rated pvp usually settle out between 1500-1700. This could change as our population grows and new blood comes into the server.

My next post is going to outline some of the guilds on the server and their claims
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|░░| |▓▓| |▓▓| Lvl 25 Coven --- (contact any member)
|░░| |▓▓| |▓▓| Lvl 25 Divine Vengeance --- (contact any member)
|░░| |░░| |▓▓| Lvl 25 Divinity End --- (contact any member?)
|▓▓| |▓▓| |▓▓| Lvl 25 Hallowed Remnants --- (contact Ismeralda)
|▓▓| |▓▓| |░░| Lvl 25 Knights of Dusk --- (Can also contact other members of the order for more infortmation prior to applying)
|▓▓| |░░| |▓▓| Lvl 25 Rising --- (CRZ-free refugee guild; contact any member)
|░░| |▓▓| |▓▓| Lvl 25 The Council of Judgement (contact Contact Juarez, Kaizon or any member)
|▓▓| |▓▓| |▓▓| Lvl 25 The Gathering--- (contact Halger)
|░░| |▓▓| |▓▓| Lvl 25 The Grim Covenant ---
|▓▓| |▓▓| |▓▓| Lvl 25 The Guardians of Azeroth--- (contact any member)
|░░| |░░| |▓▓| Lvl 25 Tranquility ---
|▓▓| |▓▓| |░░| Lvl12 Order of the North -- Contact Taylin
|░░| |▓▓| |░░| Lvl 25 Bucktooth Grin --- (contact any member)
|░░| |▓▓| |░░| Lvl 25 Not Your Average Noob -- (Contact any member)
|▓▓| |▓▓| |▓▓ Lvl ? Moonclaw (Contact Any Member)
|░░| |▓▓| |░░| Lvl 25 Alliance Vanguard--- (contact Molten or any officer.)

Horde Guilds:

|RP| |PVP| |PVE|
|▓▓| |▓▓| |░░| Lvl 25 Blacktooth Grin ---
|░░| |░░| |▓▓| Lvl 25 Conflict --- (contact any member)
|▓▓| |▓▓| |░░| Lvl 25 Dark Clan of Fenris --- (contact any member)
|░░| |▓▓| |▓▓| Lvl 25 Gladius Animus --- (contact any member)
|░░| |░░| |▓▓| Lvl 25 Grunts --- (contact any member)
|░░| |▓▓| |▓▓| Lvl 25 Infectious--- (contact any member)
|░░| |░░| |▓▓| Lvl 25 Ozymandias --- (contact Niath or Gorgothan)
|░░| |░░| |▓▓| Lvl 25 Point Blank --- (contact Prodigy or Blackangus)
|░░| |░░| |▓▓| Lvl 25 Quarantined ---
|░░| |▓▓| |▓▓| Lvl 25 Something Wicked --- (contact any member)
|░░| |▓▓| |▓▓| Lvl 25 The Relentless --- (contact any member)
|▓▓| |▓▓| |░░| Lvl 25 Thunderhoof Clan --- (Tauren only)
|░░| |▓▓| |▓▓| Lvl 25 Tokidoki Killers --- (contact any member)
|▓▓| |▓▓| |░░| Lvl 25 Jadepaw (Pandaren Only, Contact any member)
|░░| |▓▓| |▓▓| Lvl 25 One for the Road (Contact any member)
|▓▓| |▓▓| |░░| Lvl 25 Contract Killers --- (Contact any Member)
|▓▓| |▓▓| |▓▓| Lvl ? Dawntral Syndicate (Conctact any member)
I welcome anyone who wants their guild shared to post information and I want the latter half of this post to be reserved for short one paragraph descriptions of each guild if you woulld like one to be posted.

Order of the North-The Order of the North is based at Valiance Keep in Borean Tundra and we RP as an Order of Alliance mercenaries who are contracted with defending the Alliance and it's people. If this is something anyone would be interested in, or would like more information about, feel free to send Taylin either a whisper or an in game letter and he'll get back to you.
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The last thing I would like to touch on would be Roleplaying on The Venture Co. The role-playing roots of this server run deep, but over the past year or two a lot of roleplaying has went from being in world to within guilds. I know there are a lot of guild who want and are trying to change this and would love fresh blood to liven things up in that department. Roleplay on the Venture Co has always been relaxed yet strong in its tradition, a lot of guilds have militaristic orders as well as many other types.

Roleplay has and always will have a strong place in Veco and you dont have to be an expert roleplayer to be able to participate, we all understand what it is like to be the new guy in the roleplaying or anything else around here.

All in all I would like to close this post with a Thanks for being A vecoer or thanks for taking a look at our server, I hope to see you all in game, either by my side in battle or on my sword as I impale you. Our community is strong but like any community we would love more people where we could be stronger. If you enjoyed this thread and feel like it is something that should be up top for others to read. Request a sticky on it.
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This thread gets four-and-a-half moos.

And whoever reported it, you're a wanker.

Thanks for putting this up, it's a fair introduction and we did need an update.
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your a changed man krein, you get brownie points


p.s. im gona link this to worlds end tavern if its cool with you
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Yeah, go for it, I just wanted to try and get something up that could give an overview.
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Stickied, I know people got bad blood with kreinlich because of his pvp or his in game behavior, but as a person, he done and is doing lots to support Veco. This thread here is a good example of what Veco stands for: a good strong connected community.

So let's support this and boo to whomever reported this thread. Seriously...
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Actually, you should thank me for the base of this post. Since it was mine and I spent like 12 hours making it, those little squiggle box things were a pain in the @$$.
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Stickied. Thanks to all who contribute to this post. It's a good thing for Veco.
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bumpity bump bump bumpity bump bump look at frosty goooo
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Actually, you should thank me for the base of this post. Since it was mine and I spent like 12 hours making it, those little squiggle box things were a pain in the @$$.

Duly noted - I couldn't remember who first set that up years ago. Not sure how many would. =/

And Dazzma actually goes back a long way on the server...maybe not as long as I do but a decently long way. She's lvl 1 because she left way long ago.
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10395 have made Dimmi and I very sad.

Best of luck buddy and /drink to seeing you soon!
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Hey, thanks for doing this, can you add Rubicon to the list please?

Lv 18 Alliance Guild, working adults only, opening recruitment, PvE/WPvP, looking to build a core team of (10-15) regular members.
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Hey, thanks for doing this, can you add Rubicon to the list please?

Lv 18 Alliance Guild, working adults only, opening recruitment, PvE/WPvP, looking to build a core team of (10-15) regular members.

Added you to the list and added your description in the latter half of the post!
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Could you please add <Order of the North> as well if its not too much trouble?

*We are an RP-PVP focused guild.
*Our claim is Valiance Keep/Borean Tundra
*Contact Prieya or Radux for more info.

RP is focused on a band of people who stayed behind in Northrend after WotLK and made it their home. We protect and care for the Land and its People. For more detailed info, please do not hesitate to ask an officer. :)

I really appreciate it, thanks!
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It is done.
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Actually, you should thank me for the base of this post. Since it was mine and I spent like 12 hours making it, those little squiggle box things were a pain in the @$$.

I remember you. It was fun while you were in KoD
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