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I already have a 90 paladin, and from my excessive amounts of losses in BGs, I would very much like to start healing. I definitely want to have a holy paladin because of that fantastic mastery. Would it be better to just level one newly or just gear grind like crazy on my current one?

Or does the healing forums think I should roll a different healer?
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90 Night Elf Priest
Well... how easily do you learn new specs? I prefer to level from 1-90 in the spec I plan to play. I feel it gives me a more instinctive grasp of the abilities. I know several people that are quite capable of taking a toon and changing spec at any level and will have it worked out in very short order. That is all going to be personal preference.

As far as trying to roll a different healer.. again... personal preference. Pallies have some really great healing potential plus that mastery. Druids can be rediculously difficult to pin down and catch. All the healing classes have some really great potential. Pick whichever one you like the most. Or pick all of them. =)

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90 Night Elf Monk
Paladins are great for PVP healing. Really great. Their healing style is very .... "What you see is what you get." Read some guides, watch some videos, you should be okay. Give it a try :3
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Paladins are great for PVP healing. Really great. Their healing style is very .... "What you see is what you get." Read some guides, watch some videos, you should be okay. Give it a try :3

yep, pretty quick to pick up, but can take awhile to fully master the utility of a paladin

btw OP, the mastery that you referred to, is getting a slight nerf come 5.3
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90 Dwarf Monk
I'd say buy some crafted healing gear and just jump on in. I was originally a tank on this guy but wanted to heal, so I bought some crafted gear, had almost no spirit, but still jumped in and gave it a try.

Heroics now are so easy that you can usually do well as a healer in them with very crap gear, and if they do get hard that will help you learn better!
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90 Human Paladin
Just read a guide and jump right in on your current paladin. If I swap to a new spec I generally sit in town and heal myself for a bit to figure out where my buttons are. And that's about all I need to do. (assuming the spec is a healing spec; if its dps or tank I go through the rotation on a dummy)
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90 Dwarf Priest
Rolling a new paladin is silly when you already have one.

You can buy a set of gear from one of the vendors around Pandaria, I think the highest level one is in Townlong Steppes.

The gear won't be very good, but it's a start, and you can get better gear through the AH or Blacksmithing, JP/VP vendors, and just running dungeons.

I would start off by reading a guide or two and practicing in a city, just healing yourself and others. Once you feel like you kind of know what you're doing, ask your guild if anyone is willing to run a dungeon with you. If not, just jump in with LFD and give it a shot (though definitely start with a normal, not a heroic). Let the group know you're a new healer, and they'll generally be patient with you.
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90 Human Priest
If you are planning to heal in PVE, just jump in. Buy some gear, read the guides, and queue for random normal 5s at first. Paladin healing is very straightforward. The only hint it to always think about how to generate holy power as efficiently as possible to maximize the mana free heals.

If you are planning to PvP, just jump in as well after getting some of the crafted PvP gear off the AH. trial by fire works great. Again, paladin's are a great PvP healing class. the plate with shield helps against some melee damage. Again, the spells are straight forward. Be prepared to be focused by the other team as soon as they see you. So find a solid DPSer in the beginning and tell them you'll heal them so long as they keep people off you.

I wouldn't bother leveling up from scratch just to learn pally healing. To be an average healer isn't a steep learning curve for holy pallys. Being great is just a matter of learning to utilize the utilities that pallies have (hands, CDs, etc) and being creative on when to use them. Problem from starting from scratch, you'll get to 90 and still end up having to grind gear out. Just start on normal dungeons. You may be the only 90 in the group, but it'll give you some buffer to learn. That's what I did when I went from Ret to Prot on my paladin. I started on the easy content I knew and got re-familiarized with tanking (hadn't tanked much since LK).
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